Black Orcs get a Bath

Having been bitten by the Warhammer the Old World bug I decided I needed to move on from my two Chaos armies. I found myself coming up with more and more units that I wanted to paint and build just for the sake of trying to give myself as many options as possible. While this is great fun, I wanted to get on with more armies and a plan for making an Orc and Goblins army had been growing in my skull for an age, I have 3 mobs of standard Orc Boys either finished or on their way but if the boys have any chance of winning the are going to need some scary and hard hitting stuff in the army. 

I wanted a unit of Black Orcs to be my big and scary unit so set about deciding how I wanted them to look. I already had 10 of the Iron Claw Black Orcs by Bob Olley but I had painted them over a decade ago and I wanted to add another 10 figures to make them a viable unit. This means one of two things. I put up with the unit not being cohesive or I strip my old Orcs and paint them alongside their new chums.

As you can see from the first Image, the second option won. The Boys got their dettol bath and got a scrubbing!

To bring the unit up to 20, I needed to recruit. I got my hands on the 4 Marauder giant Orcs, one of which would be converted into the BSB as he already had a broken weapon. I also had another Black Orc that Bob had done a small range of for Citadel. Then there were a couple of members of Ugezod's death Commando's by Nick Lund, alongside what I believe is an ogre from Chronicle as well. To add a musician to the unit I've also got a drummer from an Orc range that Kev Adams did for Renegade miniatures. You've got to have a bit of Kev Adams in an Orc unit. 

After their bath the boys had a lie down and had a chat about those two boys that looked really like each other. They swear they aren't related.

Using a set 30mm square bases that I made on the Laser Cutter I lined the boys up and got them to say cheese. The BSB Boss had his arm repositioned and his axe mounted on a new haft and shoved through a new hole in his hand. The banner is made up from the bits box and was originally a chaos banner of some sort. The big Orky face is off some 40K kit but I couldn't resist it. I reckon I might add more stuff to it before I spray it.

Stay Tuned for some painting fun as I get stuck in to the big green brutes. 



  1. Looking forward to seeing how these boys progress. I remember how struck I was with the Bob Olley black orcs when they were released. They didn't quite look like any orcs I'd seen before. That's going to be a really characterful unit.


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