The Last of The Warm Jets


Seadogs and Spaniards

Old hammerers doing their bit

The scavvies who tried to steal Christmas

Scavvy Porn - Mobile friendly version 2

Scavvy Porn

My heart belongs to the Black Hole

Oldhammer and it's attitude to work!

Confrontation from around the web

Hernandez the navigator

Full Tilt and the Battle of the Kings Tree

Here come the warm jets



Swing low shitty chariot.....


Fantasy Warlord

Dirty Chaos Warriors

Dredd mob!!

Dirty little hobbitses!!

the Metabarons

Questing for Runes? Couldn't you just draw them yourself?

Mostly Armless

The rescue of Sir Thomas Cocksure

Adding lots of character

Proof of beastly progress

I have another plan.....

Let's do this!

Inquisimundan clusterfuck!