Monday, 28 December 2015

The Last of The Warm Jets

King of Lead Hats
Yay!! I had some time to myself! Knee deep in plastic toys and discarded battery packets I managed to get the paints out an finish the last member of the Psyker gang and I've dubbed him the King of Lead Hats (which is nearly the title of and Eno song paying tribute to a famous group that he went on to produce...I'll let you figure it out).

The Warm Jets

This means that I've now got two of the Marauder gangs completed. I really need to pull my finger out and get a game in. Antipixi doesn't live far away so i hope to twist his arm (not that it'll take much twisting) into having a proper game of confrontation as soon as possible. I've got some ideas for additional bits to the Ferrograd scenery and I've got other bits to add so that we'll have a denser playing area.

The rest of the gang are all Psykers apart from poor old Blank Frank who escaped from a life of servitude and depraved experimentation to join with the gang in the darkness of the under hive.

Here are the rest of the gangers.

Blank Frank


Kurt Rejoinder



  1. Very cool.

    Looking forward to a battle report (fingers crossed)

  2. Lovely old figs. They definitely look like they belong to one another: they are all uniformly bald! I quite like the basing as well. Are they pieced together from bits or a solid casting of some sort?

  3. Looking great! A superb colourful set of high-domed baldies :)

    The outfit on this last guy seems a bit less whacky (sculpt rather than paint). A bit more straight historical influence perhaps? I feel sorry for Blank Frank - he seems destined to a life of living in the shadow of his gang mates.

  4. Baldie psykers make me feel warm and happy. I have a large cranium lacking hair, so can relate to them - without the cool daemon-laced abilities mind!

  5. Such fantastic colours! And I love the bases; your rust looks just grand. Well done - and Happy New Year!

  6. Arm officially twisted. Let's get a date sorted!

  7. Wow, Eno references!

    I bought Here Come The Warm Jets as a teenager, tracks like Baby's On Fire and Dead Finks Don't Talk are burned into my consciousness.
    And it's Devo, right?

    Oh yeah, love the minis!


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