What I did (but didn't show you) and didn't do in 2016.

It's that time of year again. 2016 is having it's arse kicked out that back door and we are waiting with a lump of coal and a dram for 2017 to show it's face. It's traditionally the time for bloggers to look back at their year and review their work. I don't think I want to do that though. All you have to do is a click a couple of buttons and you can go through all the posts from the last 12 months. Don't be so lazy. What I will say is that I managed to paint around about 256 figures this year bit not all of them got time on the blog for various reasons. Some were initially painted for Scalecreep.

Orc Captain on his pride and joy.

Gorechosen Gladiator

Grumpy Santa
Some were painted for games but missed the chance to feature in a blog post.

Not Robin Hood and Friends for the November game
Some didn't suit the tone of the post ;)

Copplestone Gunslinger Droid
And some I didn't think you'd be interested in.

Late War German Platoon and support 

And scenery to go with it
What I find more interesting is the stuff that I started but never quite got round to completing for various reasons. 
Confrontation Tech Gang

Blight Kings

Plague bearers

Chaos Marauders/Warriors

Intergalactic Scumbags and A little Olley Giant

Late 16thC shot

Late 16thC Spanish Pike

More late 16thC Spanish

Tilean Gang as a present for a mate

A unit of Orc's for my Greenskins army.
That last one is particularly shameful as they are only a session or two away from being done. Still, easy win for January.

Till then, I hope you have a great New Year and 2017 is a lot less awful than 2016.

See you on the other side.



  1. Well it looks like you have one full plate in front of you Colin !
    Here's to another excellent year in your company and to many more !

  2. Always got to one up, and be diffrent dont'cha. LOL Excellent gallery post. Looks like your 2017 will be finishing up projects. HAHAHAH
    In all seriousness, excellent year of productivity! Looking forward to what you bring to the community in 2017. ;)

  3. And this is the stuff that didn't make it into a post!? Impressive output - I particularly like the Green and White colour scheme on Grumpy Santa, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of the intergalactic scumbags and the Olley giant :)

  4. Hm, pretty nice interesting stuff! Don't hesitate to post about it all, you have some really cool pieces there!
    Happy new year!

  5. Some really cool pieces there. One question - those tree look interesting. Did you make them?

  6. I'm certainly interested in your late Germans! Please show more, they look grand.

  7. I'm not sure what you were planning with that Confrontation tech gang, but they actually look pretty good in all black. Might want to consider a simple "Matrix-y" look to help move them along.

  8. Hey! You painted the Not-Robin and gang I sent you all those moons ago! How did I miss that eh? :D

  9. Lots of cool stuff here, particularly the droid gunslinger and the Germans. Hope they get their time in the sun soon!


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