Warhammer in the Arse

I had the opportunity to play a couple of games of Warhammer 3rd Edition last month. I completely forgot to write anything up though so You will have to be satisfied with a couple of photos of the Chaos army in action.

Also, here are some WIP shot of the units that I added to the army. Some Chaos Dwarf Crossbowmen and dastardly war machines.

I finished a couple of Chaos Hounds to bring the unit up to 5.

I completed another unit of Beastmen as well, bringing me up to 40 of the hairy brutes!

Here's a closeup of the standard bearer for the Beastmen and is fancy banner.

This is a shot of the whole army...

 And this was the 2000 point army I took to our little gathering of aging nerds.


  1. What a fantastic collection of old school figures. Lots of strong nostalgia from seeing these (not that I owned them, merely covetted from the pages of WD). What do the winged gargoyle things in the centre back count as?

  2. Hi Dave, I used them as Harpies in this game (the Chaos Hound handler rolled Chaos Lord for his attribute and ended up with his own little warband) but I can also use them as furies in later editions. They are Heartbreaker figures, Kev Adams sculpts still available from Ral Partha.

  3. Beautifully painted, I love them all. The group pics are awesome!


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