Oldhammer Old world

I'm getting the Warhammer Fantasy urge again. 

After years of ambling through the Oldhammer world with no particular destination in mind, the coming of Warhammer Old World has me being more focussed about getting an army or two organised to use when the game drops.

I've painted loads of fantasy figures over the years, with the vague idea that I want them to be useable in whichever form of Warhammer I decide to play. Because of this less than focussed approach I still don't have anything that actually adheres to any particular army list. I have Hobgoblins and Orcs, Human (both Bretonnian and Imperial), Dwarves and, of course, Chaos.

Things are about to change however!

After getting sucked down a Youtube rabbit hole (my god there is a lot of dross on there!) my arse was suddenly in gear and I have plans upon plans for getting more than one army tabletop ready.

Warhammer community announced the armies that will be supported during the initial release of Warhammer OldWorld and i'm pleased to see that all the ones I'm planning are in the first tranche. 

Chaos is still split into two armies (never liked that idea but I guess I'll just have to suck it up) and the army I've been vaguely working towards was a old unified 3rd ed one. This means that I'll need to work towards two different Chaos Armies.

The first will be a Warriors of Chaos army and should contain

A Daemon Prince (Needs building and painting)

A Battle Standard Bearer (Built Needs painting)

A Couple of Sorcerors (one painted)

2 Units of Chaos Warriors (one painted, one started)

a unit of Chaos marauders (painted)

Marauder Horsemen (painted)

Knights of Chaos (painted)

A Chaos Chariot (built, needs painting)

Chaos Warhounds (2 need painting)

A Beast of Nurgle (needs painting)

95% of the models will be 3rd ed chaos models and as you can see, a lot of the work is done. The first figures for the second unit of chaos warriors can be seen at the start of the post.

The next army will be the Beasts of Chaos. This will borrow stuff from the Warriors list 

Leader (haven't decided what yet)

Beastmen (painted)

Beastmen (started)

Minotaurs (painted)

Centaurs (painted)

Hounds (see the warriors list)

a Jabberslythe (needs to be painted)

Ogres (need painting)

Spawn (need building and painting)

Giants (painted)

Again we've got an army that's mostly there but this one is full of random monsters!

Both of these don't require any purchases and just need me to pull out fingers and get stuff built and painted. 

I also want to do a Dwarf army for a non-painting friend. He has Prince Ulthers Dragon Company, Bugmans Dwarf rangers and I have some random Dwarfs (and lucked on an ebay purchase of the original Warhammer regiments dwarfs with some of the psycho styrene ones mixed in) so with a bit of effort I reckon a decent sized dwarf army is only a small amount of War machine hunting away. I just need to paint the whole thing.

Wish me luck!


  1. Very cool, and looking forward to seeing you work through this project!

  2. Looks like we are mirroring project yet again :-)
    Those are wonderful, your can't beat the early Citadel Miniatures...


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