Mittel Europa - More scenery for Sharp Practice

At some point in the last couple of weeks I decided that I needed a church for the scenario I wanted to run. Like most gamers I went straight to the internet and started browsing for models that might fir my demands. Before i shelled out some of my hard earned cash though, it suddenly occurred that I  needed to learn to use the lasercutter at work and designing a model would be the perfect project to do it.

So I sweated away on a 2d CAD programme...

And a 3D CAD programme in order to check sizes......

And I shoved all the data into the laser cutter and crossed my fingers....

The cutter isn't as accurate as some of the commercial jobs and I suspect the MDF I used wasn'y ideal as despite only being 3mm thick the laser still didn't penetrate fully in some places and left a 'V' shaped cut rather than and nice clean one but at least I had something to work with.

Thankfully, things like my windows worked reasonably well and although the fitting wasn't anywhere near as professional as a commercially available kit, it went together pretty well (with a helpful splodge of PVA here, there and everywhere)

Happy with my effort, I took it home and started to detail it. The tower looked a little dull so I added some wooden detailing to the top with balsa wood planking. I added tiling in the form of cardboard strips cut to size and gravestones from Renedra. Some filler over the outside for texture and she was ready to go.

And there she is in situ ( on the kitchen floor!)

I also spent a bit of time making some rows of trees from stick from the backgarden cut into lengths and glued to a piece of MDF.

I them used Rubberised Horsehair to create the structure of the tree, hot gluing it to the end of the 'trunks'.

Once they were dry, the tree top were sprayed black and then sprayed with glue so that flock can be poured on, giving the tree it's foliage. Then the bases were textured and flocked. Job done.

I also got another unit of pike done for the dutch along with a couple of more shot to complete the unit. This gives me three complete units for the Dutch side.

Just to check that I was heading in the right direction I got all the scenery so far and laid it out on the biggest surface area i could find. The kitchen floor.

And because I could, I got the Dutch out as well. This was more to do with checking that the proposed units would have room to move on the table. I'm pretty happy with everything so far.

I've got a group of Spanish pike to paint and a couple of mounted characters and then everything is good to go for a run through at the club in a couple of weeks time.


  1. Very impressive. Well beyond my technical ability.

  2. Fantastic looking village WP - it's a real treat watching you bring it all together. The trial with the laser cutter was a success in my view!

  3. Wow, that's really coming a long nicely. For your first time that's a really good model.

  4. Nicely done. I don't have access to a laser cutter yet, but I am joining a "maker barn" in August. I am tired of searching every new mdf terrain guy to find bit and pieces for may starships.

    I've come to the same conclusion as you. I just need to build it myself.

  5. You must have a wife who is very patient ! The scenery looks great :)

  6. Nice work on the church, and that set up is looking very good!


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