I have been painting stuff. Honestly.

I've been giving the impression that I've painted fuck all recently as I'm busy posting stuff full of lots of words but, in reality, I had amassed a back log of finished stuff and before I move house (this very weekend, yes the one before BOYL!) I thought I dump a whole of painted stuff on you so that you can ogle the coloured stuff!

First up is a big load of Barbarians that are due to be used in the Eternal Champion Game at BOYL. They have only just been finished tonight so here they are in all their glory.

King Barbar his Daughter and friends

Queen Barbar and back up

Shaman Barbar and screaming barber with two casual mates

Princess Barbar and her Very protective uncles.

And a pic just to show off the shields

Also painted up are the Elementals, Nearly a full set.

Some Mounted Chaos Warriors to add to my growing Chaos Army

And another, more green, view.

Also completed is the terrain centre piece for the EC game. This is where the Champions are headed to in order to defeat the......nah, I'm not giving the game away.

Still requiring a basing are some placcy Plaguebearers... 

and some more Blight Kings plus a champion fella. This gives me two groups of 5.

Also done was this old school scout. He's an awesome model and will probably end up in my Sensei Warband. 

And finally an unpainted pic of some Jump Off points for a game of Chain of Command that Chris and I had. More of which in the next post.


  1. Phew, what an update! Those semi-naked chaps have rather excellent shields to accompany all that glistening flesh.

    The scout presses my buttons most - that colour scheme is great, and he's on my 'to-do' list at some future point too.

  2. Dam son! Awesome production....but those chaos knights and the terrain hill got me all tingly!!!!!

  3. Great stuff Dude.

    I love all of them, the Chaos Knights especially, oh and the EC Terrain piece, looking forward to having a wee shuffty at that during your EC game.

    Sorry we haven't gotten more games in before you move, been a bit hectic, will have a catch up at BOYL.

  4. Great looking miniatures! Plague-awesome collection :)

  5. Very nice! The mounted Chaos Warriors are spectacular. I've just picked up three and am on the lookout for a couple more. They're like GOLD hen's teeth!

  6. Wow, that's a ton of great stuff. I love the barbarians, and those shields are great. Every time I see your blight kings it makes me want to buy some.

  7. Plague fellas and those barbarians are wonderful. How did you do the plague bearers? Looks like one of those new fangled zenithal highlights with washes?

  8. These barbarians are superb!
    Especially the shields look splendid.
    Marvelous work on the rest too.

  9. So much good stuff! Barbarians are especially great. I'm an oldhammer guy like you but like you broke down for some blight kings and may pick up some plague bearers too.

  10. Everything looked amazing at BOYL! Well done. The figures and the game were fantastic.


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