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Where the fuck have you been Murray?

Well I could spend a load of time giving you have arse reasons for me not blogging for the last months or we could both admit that it doesn't really matter, pretend it didn't happen and just move on. Yeah? Sorted.

So first thinsg first. I cleaned out my garage and got three ex school tables and put three new tables tops on them. Each table is now 4 foot by 2 foot. Put them together and I've got a 4x6 games table. Yay!!

This is my cat testing out some of the stools that I've got so that when people can come round the house again they have somewhere to sit. She approves.

I also did a bit of electrical work and fitted new spotlights to illuminate the table. You can also see that I added shelves underneath the tables so that I've got a whole load of storage underneath the table. Double handy.

So I started buiding up terrain for use with my Filibuster forces. Here you can see me spacing stuff out.

And Building more terrain, lovely messy job.

And here is the table in use for a ww2 game I played Solo sometime during lockdown.

There we are, posting again. Much more to come.

See you soon!



  1. Nice work! I can steal some of your ideas now. I plan to build my own gaming table in the basement now that we upgraded our screened in porch to a sunroom.

    1. It's a dream. I need to keep adding storage it seems. That appears to be the key.


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