Felderberg Nether Port Watch

Here is where I've got to so far, I managed to do head swaps on all the men at arms figs and I've given the commander of the watch a haircut so that he looks far more respectable. 

I've started to think about the fluff for my merry little band. In Edinburgh (whur am frae!) one of the gates into the old city was (and still is) called the Netherbow Port.
I always liked the name and the idea developed that my watch could be from a particular gate of the town. Other units would be from particular sections of walls and from other gates.
The commander of the watch would be the officer in charge of a watch at a particular time of the week. I reckon the Nether Port Watch have been chosen to go and right a wrong, they may have let someone into the city that they shouldn't have and they have to track down the individual or whatever he stole or never be allowed back into the city!

Good news is that I found another 5 crossbowmen so that's my 21 figures. I'll try and get their heads chopped off during the weekend but I reckon I'll get the watch undercoated tomorrow.

I might paint a banner in the style of one of the above. These are from http://www.krigsspil.dk/download/download_2.html a great resource for medieval flags and banners.
I figured that this little army would be easily expanded, each unit being a gate watch and having variations on the city flag. The Lead Adventure crossbowmen could be flashy big city mercenaries bought in my a wealthy merchant. Hopefully everybody else's little project will be the kernal of something bigger.

I'm amazed by the response to my little ranting idea but I'm getting really excited about everybody joining in. I can't wait to see what everybody produces. Cheers!


  1. Very great. I just dettoled my chaos warriors tonight, hope to show some progress in the we ! The head swaps make all teh difference. Very simple and clever idea ! The banner is not optional mate, you have to do one !

  2. Great work so far, WP. I agree with the assless one - the head swaps give them each such character. And a banner is surely compulsory?

    As an Edinburgher myself, I also applaud the Netherbow connection. Which Watch unit would come next? Canons Gate? Cowgate? Or maybe the Leith Walkers - a detachment that patrols the highway to the port?

    1. A wargaming edinburgher that lives 15 miles away? I do believe we may have to get some games in!

    2. Yes indeed! Have a look at the current OGRE thread on the Oldhammer forum and join in :)

    3. Already have mate, in fact you can see my Bret's getting trashed by Erny's orcs if you scroll back through my posts!

  3. Looking good. My halflings are prepped and on their bases just awaiting my return from Dublin to have their first photo taken.

  4. Hi!

    They look fantastic! Its amazing how effective a simple headswap can be! I do like the chunkiness of the sculpts too.

    All the best!

  5. Totally agree with Space Cow Smith.

  6. Consider the 'head swap on those minis' idea as stolen! I am so doing that to mine!


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