Tuesday, 5 June 2018

More scenes from Village life

If you are going to march around in big blocks or infantry defending your homeland then there is going to have to be a Homeland to defend! The club I am a member of are hosting a Lardie themed weekend in September. Dubbed 'Clotted Lard' it allows members and visitors to bathe in the glory of TooFatLardies and play games with their rules for the day. Rich Lard will be attending and will be running a game as far as I know and there will be drinks and Curry later. As i'm a relatively new member I thought i'd bite the bullet and offer to run a game.

It will be a chance to get my dutch revolt figures onto the table and play a game using the Sharply Buffed variant of Sharp Practice. I've still got some figures to paint but the dutch side is mostly complete.

It will be made up of 3 formations like the one above, a group of halberdiers, a small cannon and some cavalry. Of course, the figures are only one part of the issue. I need to get scenery together to make a nice looking game. In a previous post I showed off the first couple of buildings I've finished. I used the basic house from 4ground (a plain MDF model) and detailed, textured and painted them.

With the next two I wanted to experiment with the shape and form of the buildings. For the first one I actually combined two of the houses the make a larger house with a T shaped plan. The roof was extended to join by gluing a couple of layers of paper over to the adjoining roof and cutting roughly into shape. I had a plan to cover the whole roof so I wasn't worried about it looking pretty.

I mounted the whole house on an MDF board in order to help the stability of the model and to give it a little garden and scratch built a little tool shed on the end. I planked the top half with card and used some hot-glue to make little furrows in the garden for planting . The bottom half of the building was covered in a rough layer of wall filler in order to give a rough plastered finish.

The whole thing was sprayed black before being painted in the same way as the previous buildings. What I did do different with this one a thatched roof. I used teddy bear fur and cut it to size before brushing watered down PVA through the fur. This takes a while to dry but leaves the fur hard and allows you to then apply some weathering over the top.

Some flock for grass around the building and tufts and clump for plants and bushes and there you've got a finished house.

The next house was back to the basic size but I added a little dormer window sticking out the top of the house. Again it was just thick card and spare parts of MDF stuck onto the roof. This house was going to be a fully timbered job so I textured the walls with filler and scraped the timbers clean with a scrap piece of MDF.

I also gave this one a little garden with a wall, a log pile and a little veggie garden. I filled the gaps in the walls with the filler and scored some stone detail.

Again it all got a spray of black and then painted up as per the others. This one also got a thatched roof which was treated the same way as the previous one.

It was a bit of faff shaping the thatch round the window but I got there in the end. Some clumps and static grass and we're there.

I also got myself one of the little Renedra/Perry plastic cottages as they fitted the style I was going for and as it was already pretty well textured just built it straight from the box and painted it as the other buildings.

A simple little back garden that's just begging for some chickens.

I then went back and made a couple of bases/gardens for the two houses I'd already finished.

Including one with a nice little herd of pigs in the back garden with their very own pig sty.

I wonder if the neighbours steer clear of them cos of the smell?

I've got another 4 or so buildings but for the game I intend to run I think I've got enough to be getting on with. Next up is trees and other bits of landscaping. Cheers.


  1. Those houses are lovely. Really nice work and some excellent detailing.

  2. Christ! Youve neen productive mate! All of that looks great.

  3. Wow! Excellent progress. You've really outdone yourself. I like all your modifications to the houses. It's very brave of you to run a game. I need to figure out a way to run one with having to pack everything for a flight.

  4. I've thought about taking the plunge on "plain" buildings and then building them up rather than fully scratch build. Yours look excellent.

  5. Those buildings are cracking - all the detailing is really paying off to ground them into reality. The pig yard is my favourite part of the whole thing - it's a fun little detail that adds so much character. Great job!

  6. Wow Colin! You've got a shed load more buildings to go with your townscape stuff too....if they're in the same scale that is?

    Great work :)

  7. Well you have a full plate atm. Exciting stuff tho. I look forward to the build up to the Lardie Weekend.

  8. Excellent looking forces. Those buildings are sublime!

  9. Very nicely done. I’ve a load of thatched buildings I inherited from my old group a few years back - once that’s dried, it’s seriously durable. Those are all standalone ones, for reasons of transport and packing them away. Gardens and details do add some extra touches that push buildings beyond “decorated boxes” though. I have to be content with table dressing.

    I used them in a big ECW game recently, which I put pics of on my blog.

  10. Great work, I like the technique for the timbered house (making the timbers flush with the frame), I may just try that.

  11. Fantastic output!

    That game will be an absolute treat.

  12. This is looking very nice indeed. Should be a fantastic game.


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