Thursday, 13 July 2017

When Battle Was Young

A long time ago the art of the Battle Report was new and unknown quantity. Nowadays, love them or hate them, they are a key part of content of the reborn White Dwarf and they have gone through many a change over the years, diagrams have come and gone, detailed images of the battle have become a key feature and the learing faces of the more photogenic gamers have even occasionally been seen.

This key form of article can be traced back to a series of three reports that covered games that were part of a competition that took place at Gamed Day 89. The first report featured Skaven vs High Elves. The second (which has been discussed on the Oldhammer Facebook recently, as well as on various Blogs, and was what sent me scurrying for the internet) featured Wood Elves vs Orcs. The third is a bad guy smack down which is presented to you below thanks to SCRIBD (thanks to MButoe for uploading it).

The great thing about this articles is the Gary Chalk illustrations. Can you imagine having Gary illustrate your battle reports? What a legend! And well done to Peter Morrison for writing a cracking little report that covers all the fun of a legendary 3rd Edition game. I'll now stop blethering and let you read it. Enjoy.



  1. Ah, remember that one! Yeah, Gary doing any artwork for you would be amazing!

  2. Read and re-read this report many, many times - a classic. Just think - approximately 110 vs 140 foot troops - easily acquirable by an enthusiastic gamer! Fast forward to today, and collecting similar numbers of troops is what killed WHFB (supposedly).

  3. Those reports were brilliant. Surprise here was how few cavalry the chaos player used

  4. It always amused me that no photographs were ever taken of the games themselves, and illustrations were used instead. Until I heard a possibly apocryphal story from a GW old timer who recalled these early reports being largely made up. They are still great fun to read and bear a certain gravitas that the more modern style of battle reports lack. Trouble is, I always recall Rimmer's Risk story from 'Red Dwarf' when I read such offerings and have been guilty of such affronts myself in the past!


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