Sunday, 9 October 2016

Papa Nurgle's pest removal service

Unbeknownst to the villagers of Frideig, the ruined circle of columns on the other side of the river was of special significance to the Father of Plagues for it was here that the Chaos Champion, Tee'N'BesQit was raised to Daemonhood. 

So Papa Nurgle was particularly annoyed when a couple of piss head giants moved and started messing up the place.

Ninefingers and One-eye were horribly concerned that the impending hangover may just be fatal 

So the Father of plagues sent out a message. Whichever of his followers could rid his sacred place of these irritating giants would gain his favour and much power. Two mighty war bands answered the call. At the same time. Unfortunately.

 The sorcerer, Gribbly-Face McDookin brought all his best fighting boys, including some beastmen who were ill prepared fro the battle. Duke Stinkpot the troll, a small group of Chaos hounds and two units of warriors sauntered up the river Eig to the bridge at Frideig in order to cross and deal with the disrespectful squatters.

Coming down the Eig was an equally Powerful (i.e. not at all) sorcerer we know only as Bob the Smelly. He had prepared for this mission from (a chaos) God by summoning as many Plaguebearers  as his magic would allow to support his mighty war band  (4 Pestigors, fate had not been very kind). However he had made a bargain with a great Dragon, Pustulax the Runny. Bob had admit he was little crest fallen to find out the Dragon was already dead but he was determined to make the best of it.

McDookin's war band advances towards the river crossing

Only to witness Pustulax flying over the abandoned hamlet of Frideig. Luckily none of McDookin's war band seemed in the slightest bit bothered by the sight of a gargantuan, undead, flying reptile and carried on regardless.

Bob the Smelly's warband made for the the bridge so Gribbly face sent forward his hellish chaos Hounds to stop them. They lasted about 20 seconds.

Gribble-Face took a group of his warriors for a paddle in the river and, while bored with the extremely slow rate of travel, decided to summon himself a Daemon guardian to keep him company.

Somewhere off on the other side of the river two two large crashes could be heard as the inebriated Giants toppled over in their stupors.

Duke Stinkpot moved forward to try and help out the whimpering Chaos hounds on for Pustulax to land on his head and rip him to shreds. No amount of regeneration was going to help this time.

Pustulax then turned his attention on the rest of the war band.

Gribble-face's unit had made it to the other side of the river and were busy pouring water out of their boots as they spied the phalanx of Plaguebearers heading over the bridge. 

Stirred by the clanking and smells the two giants managed to right themselves and peered at the on coming little people through the hazy mist of alcohol induced myopia.

Pustulax grew bored of chewing on Batsmen (all that hair gets stuck in his throat) and decided to try canned goods instead.  However these warriors turned out to be a little mored difficult to better and wounds were suffered on both sides, much to the decomposing draconids displeasure.

The morbid procession reached the other side of the bridge and girded itself to take on the might of the Giants who had dared to lodge themselves in a holy place of nurgle.....

Only to witness the two Giants fall arse over tit yet again.

While distracted by the sight of the toppling twosome the Plaguebearers were charged by the warriors accompanying McDookin. And a long and brutal combat ensued.

Enraged by being harmed by mere mortals Pustulax continued to harry and abuse the other unit of Warriors and they, in turn, continued to hack and stab at the hovering harridan.
The fight between the warriors and the Daemons ground on with both sides taking casualties and the daemons being pushed back. McDookin fell and his Guardian disappeared and in the back ground a towering figure struggled to it's feet.

While Pustulax was distracted with the warriors, the Batsmen of McDookin's war band charged the rearguard of Bob's force that were guarding the way to the bridge. Pustulax, huffed as his master called for his aid and he bound through the air to join the melee.

The plague bearers broke under the onslaught of the Chaos warriors and turned to run, the power of the holy place of Nurgle giving the warriors the power to harm them and as well allow them to keep their forms.

Freed from the Dragons attentions the second unit warriors attacked the Pestigors of Bob's war band in concert with their fellows.

Suddenly a gargantuan shadow loomed over the combat on the other side of the river as one eye misjudged his footing and tumbled onto the dueling foes.

Several daemons were squished flat as the massive man-thing continued to regret his marathon session.

The combined might of the warriors and the Beastmen destroyed Bob and his body guard and the last pestigor ran for it, pursued by the Chaos warriors.

Who turned to find Pustulax had just eaten all of their own beastly compatriots as well as two of their friends.

Deciding to allow the remaining Plaguebearers to escape in order to kick the Giant while he was down the warriors quickly regretted their actions as One-Eye once for push himself unsteadily to his feet and brought his mighty axe down on to the head of one of the brave warriors. The fighter was split in twain but the force of the blow buried the axe into the ground, forcing One-eye to snuggle to free it. The remaining warriors took the opportunity to carry on thumping him as hard as possible.

The plague bearers rallied in time to find Ninefingers emerging from Nurgles ring. He took one look at the horrible plague riven daemons and picked one up and stuffed him in his bag for later before destroying the rest with a mighty swing of his club.

One eye freed his axe from the ground and with a mighty swipe through the Chaos warriors felled another two leaving a single might warrior to fulfil Nurgles request.

Pustules appeared from out of nowhere (well, the other side of the river) and destroyed first Ninefingers.....

....and then One-eye, much to the consternation of the Chaos Warrior.  "Show-Off!"

The other remnants of McDookin's war band had followed the Dragon over the river and joined their stalwart companion in a game of hide and seek amongst the ruins.

Unfortunately it turns out it's quite hard to hide from a fuck-off big dragon (especially if he's a dead, fuck-off big dragon)

And finally, very pleased with himself, Pustulax the Runny settled down to have a nice long nap safe in the knowledge that he'd done a Chaos go a favour.


  1. Fantastic game report... I thoroughly enjoyed the read and the pix.

  2. Gorgeous models pal, just a pleasure to look at, your photos really show them off in a super way!

  3. Yeah!!!! Great batrep Whiskey. Looks like a lot of fun :)

  4. I loved it, great scenario and narrative. And the models look cool too, especially keen on the face of the cycloptic giant, he looks like a pisshead.

  5. That is a great post and a very good read! Great narrative (LOL) and nice pics too!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Go, Pustulax! Really enjoyed this. Beautiful photos and very funny write up. I love those giants. More, please!


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