Saturday, 8 October 2016

More Metal-clad Mean Man-things

I've added another half dozen armoured maniacs to my growing crew. I'm not quite sure if they are a war band, a regiment or an army but they are certainly proving fun to paint. 

This time they also get a bit of magical back up in the form of this face swapping sorcerer. He's a brilliant figure. I'm never quite sure if he's about to rip his hood off his head or to take yet another mask off his face but he certainly fits the mood.

Again they are mostly washes with detailing afterwards. The guy with the big cartoony grimace is probably my favourite. Just ready to stove your brains in with his big old axe.

And here they all are so far. I'm aiming to get 24 done. I've got another few started and another couple soaking in dettol but I still need to source a couple of models. I also need to track down some of the Gor Shields as I've exhausted my supply. They are from the original plastic for set before it was retooled so if any of you have any sitting around let me know I only need a few. Cheers.


  1. Brilliant! I love the saturated pallette and textural element to the flesh tones. Very nice additions :)

  2. They are really great Colin. Nice new blog banner too.

  3. I remember that wizard from the old citadel catalogue (he was on the same page as a sorceror called Amon Duul!). The painting looks really good.

    I do like these older miniatures. The armour has a very chunky quality and the faces are great. By the way, where does the terrain in your background pictures come from?

  4. More great stuff. Love that sorceror!

  5. Actually I think I do have some Gor shields left... Maybe (I'd need to check).

    Fantastic additions.


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