Monday, 17 October 2016

A Legendary Death in the Low countries

A small Spanish and Walloon force had become stranded in the G'Ertondaboot. They had been escorting some much needed cannons to the siege of Haag when they stopped over night. They awoke to find that Pedro and Jorge, that overgrown results of Giselle's experiments, had gotten hungry during the night and eaten the draft oxen. The resultant deal had meant that the entire expedition were trapped with the forces of Sir Thomas Cocksure closing in. 

With the help of Sergeant Chorizo, Hurtz organised the defence of the hamlet. A large unit of Walloon recruits armed with Muskets guarded the main approach from the south with Pedro and Jorge close buy to give support.

The mad monk supervised a unit of Spaniards at the northern end of town with the second unit next to the watch tower beyond the Walloons. Giselle herself was getting one of her heads and had retired to a room in the building next to the Walloons.

From the south came a substantial force of rebels. A unit of pike and another of shot were supported by some mounted, german mercenary Reiters.

Commanding them, Sir Thomas Cocksure accompanied by Sir Jack Falstaff and some of their most experienced retainers.

While form the North came another unit of Rebel shot, a small unit of english Musketeers, A unit of pike and the stoic Rabbi Costinov accompanied by his loyal Golem.

The Walloon recruits, under the watchful eye of Sgt Chorizo, proved incredibly good shots and managed to chase the Dutch shot from the field. The Spaniards round the tower let off a volley and the Reiters and alongside the magical bolts from the windows of Lady Giselles room managed to reduce the ranks of the advancing Reiters. They held their nerve however and continued to advance.

In the mean time Sir Thomas had advanced round the the edge of the village and intimidated the Walloons with he rugged good looks.

Captain Timothy, Having led the two units across the ford further down stream sneaked around the corner only to be faced with Pedro and Jorge as well as the Spanish Arquebsuiers.

A desperate combat ensued as the rebel shot came to Timothy's aid while the English Musketeers she from the other side of the building and reduced the Arquebsuiers to a mere few men.

Distracted by the charging Reiters the other unit of Spanish Arqubusiers were charged by the Rebel pike. Hurts moved in to support and a gruesome tussle ensued.

Fearing no man Sir Thomas charged the massed ranks of Walloons in an attempt to force them to flee (he may have been drinking heavily beforehand). His gamble seemed to be working as musket shots whizzed and buzzed around him but seemed to be unable to bring him down!

But Finally a shot found his mark, and in as Shakespeareian way as possible, Cocksure fell to the ground mortally wounded. It is said Queen Elizabeth cried for a fortnight when the news reached her!

But it seems the Sir Thomas was buying time for no sooner had his sweet head kissed the earth than another unit of Rebel Shot appears to the West of the town. The odds had just altered dramatically in favour of the rebels.

The combat at the watch tower was nearing it's climax...

The English Veterans followed the lead the Sir Thomas had taken, and even Sir Jack had found his way towards the enemy.

Sgt Chorizo, in desperation turned the Walloons round to deal with the force from the North who had defeated Pedro, Jorge and the Arquebusiers..

Only to be charged in the rear by the English Veterans. It was all over. Giselle and Hurtz escaped across the boggy land to the east and the remaining spaniards were put in irons.

A great game of Donnybrook with Erny and Snicket. We used the full set of cards including the events (they have quite and effect including the appearance of the unit of reserves which sent me scrabbling through the dead piles for enough figures!) and the turnover. This gives a great unpredictability to the turns and the reload means that you are never quiet suer when you are going to get shot at again. The free reload that comes with the Sergeant was pretty handy and despite them on being D6 the big unit of Walloon musketeers were pretty dominant for most of the game. We used Giselle as if she was armed with a musket so she essentially sniped for most of the game and never got round to using her Witch abilities. We counted Pedro and Jorge as D8 unit with 3 dice each in attack as well as having 3 wounds. The golem was essentially the Rabbi's weapon and had 3 dice in attack 4 wounds and a save. I'm really loving this ruleset and must get more figures painted. Hopefully before christmas. Cheers!


  1. Enjoyed your batrep and pics. Quite like the Donnybrook rules myself but your take on some bits (like the golem) is very interesting.

  2. Great report. I've been hearing these rules mentioned a bit lately, but haven't seen them myself.

  3. Haha, this is so great, cool report!
    (Sorry, but the mere name of Sgt. Chorizo makes me chuckle every time :D really good job!). Looking forward to more!

  4. Awesome report Whiskey. Donnybrook is becoming one of my favorite rule sets as well. The events have been pretty entertaining for me, and really give a bit of excitement to solo games.

  5. It was a great game and I really enjoyed it, thanks for hosting me and the Bro, my turn next!

  6. Wonderful. Donnybrook looks to be an exciting and versatile rule set.

  7. Great report...and I'm glad to see Donnybrook getting an airing with a bit of fantasy thrown in as it gives me a lot of ideas for additional modifications. I look forward to hearing about more of your adventures with the DB rule set.


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