Sunday, 28 August 2016

Snicket Rampant 2 - the return of the Rat

Snicket came around the other night and we busted out my new mat and his Elven scenery for a game of Dragon Rampant. Snicket used is High Elves and I used my trusty Hobgoblins. We put together forces the added up to 31 points (an odd number I know but It worked out quite well) and we came up with the following lists.

Lord - Elite Riders
Elven Cavalry -Elite Riders
Archers - Light Archers with better shot upgrade
Spearmen - Light Infantry with a Wizard
Swordsmen - Elite Foot 

Lord - Elite Riders
Giant - Elite foot
Hobgobs - Bellicose foot x3
Orcs - Light Archers

We rolled for a scenario and we got escape route. The Elves had to get their units form one end of the board to the other and the Hobgoblins had to try to ambush them.

Snicket had trouble with the first couple of rounds, failing activations and handing initiative to me. This meant that I had a chance to get my troops into position while his barely moved from the start line.

The giant managed to hold up the Elven Cavalry for nearly the whole game (although we weren't using combat correctly and we should have parted after each round but we corrected it in subsequent rounds)

The wizards were only really useful for casting befuddle on each others units and I think I dispelled it at one point as well.

The Elven host deploy on the field of battle

The Hobgoblin South Wing

The HobGob North

The route to the ancient realm of the Elven ancestors was marked by a glittering tower

The Hobgoblins moved to cut off the Elves route as the pointy eared gits milled around nit getting anywhere

The northern bunch did the same led by the Giant who had a hankering for horsemeat

The orc archers decided that they'd fill the puny little unit of its with holes and see how they likes it

One unit of Hobgoblins charged the Elf Hero. They both scored some wounds and then both promptly ran away from each other.

The giant just couldn't grab any of the slippery buggers and was rapidly losing wounds.

The Hobgoblin boss wasn't allowed to declare and attack on anybody as he was cowardly but as he was cavalry this problem was solved by being able to be roll for a wild charge instead! Not before a swift game of hide and seek though.

The Orcs got mugged by the Elf swordsmen and after having their ears boxed ran all the way to the other end of the board without passing a single courage test.

The Boss moved into position and lo and behold passed/failed his wild charge roll (i'm not sure wether this rule is a disadvantage or not!)

After whupping the archers the Boss then piled into the spearmen (you can see the archers running into the distance)

Once the Hobnobs had reduced the swordsmen to a single figure sprinting away as fast as skirts would allow him the only remaining unit was the Cavalry who had just robbed the Giant of his last wound.

They found that they didn't like being charged very much and with all three Hobgoblin units and the Boss converging on them, they decided it was time to beat a hasty retreat and the we called the game there.
Snickets plan was ruined by crappy activation rolls but I still was very wary of the lord and the Cavalry who had the capacity of mowing down my Hobgoblin units which are crap if caught in the charge.

I really need to play more games and DR does a great job of getting a fun little game in in a single evening. Great evenings worth of gaming, cheers for the game Snicket. Lets get another one in soon.


  1. Aye, we'll have to get more OGRES along too for a three way (ooo'eeerr misses) or even more. I know my Bro would really like to get some games in too.

  2. BEAUTIFUL table, love how this whole battle looks.

  3. That looked fun, along with great looking armies on a tasty table. Those mats continue to impress me. Those activation rolls can be really tense, but that's part of why I like Dragon Rampant so much.

  4. Bad activation rolls can be frustrating in DR, but driving the game that way makes it more tactical than strategic I think. I prefer playing games that are decided during play rather than predetermined during list building etc.

    Is that a "Steppes" mat? I think so. I have a 4x4 of that. Should have bought the 6x4 I think.

    Table looks great, looks like a fun evening.


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