Sunday, 29 May 2016

Shake yer Mutie

I've had this guy finished and needing basing for about a week but this morning I finally got round to it. He is, as i'm sure you know, a keeper form that GorkaMorka Mutie raiders mob. I was going to rush through the five figures that I've got (i'm missing one of the Unk's, the one with the Glaive, anybody?) but once I started painting this guy I got sucked in and really enjoyed getting him done.

I'd lost the tail to his Mutie Beast so I had to give him one made out of part of a Lizardman standard. There is a surprising amount of detail on these figures, the beast were apparently a Trish Carden creation and they are superb things. They'd be useful for all sorts of uses and I'd originally gotten them to be used as mounts for chaos knights.

Happily the riders came up on a Facebook group and I snapped them up (sorry Crooksie!) they have been sitting around for a while though until I decided to put them together and got stuck into painting them.

I will obviously try and get a game of Gorkamorka with them when they are done but the big idea is to have them as part of Wasteland/cursed earth gang along with my Scavvies. A kind of futuristic, mutated mad max gang.

So what am I going to do with a bunch of wasteland mutants? Well, I've always loved the little story in the original WD gene stealer rules where a bunch of renegades attack a desert caravan thinking it'll be an easy win only to find out it's full of Genestealers.

Assume the renegades are less chaotic and more mutant and we've got a great game with vehicles, mutants, cultists, genstealers and mayhem! And lets face it Genestealers are popular at the moment especially with the release of Deathwatch Overkill. 


  1. damn! he is super creepy! Jus right!

  2. Wasn't aware of this line of GW minis....until now. He looks like a really fucked up & dangerous individual....awesome!!!

    Also, I'd say most of those old pen & ink illustrations in the Citadel tomes were either partly or whole responsible for my interest (and I suspect quite a few others too) in wargaming continuing way past my teens into adult life. Very evocative stuff indeed.

    Cheers :)

  3. Great stuff, sounds like the beginning of a Rogue Trader BOYL game to me!

  4. Great figure! I love all the colour variation in his unpleasant skin.

  5. That's a fantastic paint job. And I've never seen those minis before! Something totally new is always to be treasured. Thanks for sharing.

  6. He is so creepy and an the same time so beautiful :)

  7. Nailed it.

    The mutie riders are absolutely the scavvy mounties to me. Im looking forward to colliding with the rest of them on the table sooner rather than later.

  8. Seems sad to me that fantasy chaos have such boring mounts when they could have something like this.

  9. Never seen that caravan picture before, brilliant!


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