Wednesday, 25 May 2016


[Edit] - Sorry for randomly posting a photo without explanation, I was trying to upload the pic to photobucket but was having no luck and decided to throw a post up with it on so that I could link it into the LAF Pikes, Muskets and Flouncy shirts painting club. Check it out, some great stuff on it already. This guy is one of the citadel Estalians that I converted previously and represents a Spanish Arquebusier in the army of the Duke of Alva in the Netherlands during the dutch revolt in around 1567.


  1. Cheers Snickit, good to see you around the webs again. We need to sort out a game soon

    1. see you ruined my joke by posting the blurb. I was going for a simple comment for just posting a photo.

      We'll defo get a game in again soon, but have to be after BOYL as my free time is being spent painting for the game I'm running.


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