Monday, 21 March 2016

Trouble at mill

We bless the Father that our brethren were able to avoid the agents of the undead king as they met at the edge of the sea. In desperation our brethren fled underground and were taken in by a some dregs. Some were twisted and all were desperate but they were useful to the Father. The red monks who service the undead king had a redoubt close to the nest of the Dregs. The Father commanded that we enter the redoubt and obtain some knowing from a talking machine. This knowing would help the Father in building the brood's power. We set out.

We took one of the Pure with us. He was keen for the hunt and led us into the redoubt. The dregs were many but the true children were only 6 in addition to the Pure one. We entered the redoubt in three groups.

The whisperer took a group at ground level.

And two of the children led another group round the outside.

The pure one quickly found a victim but it would never be of use so was quickly dispatched.

But another of the undead meat things lurked upon high and rained death down upon the brood and the dregs. They scattered form out of it's sight.

The Holder and The Talker guided the dregs to a safe path out of the sight of the meat thing.

The children found another meat thing and dealt it a deathly blow while more of the dregs hid under the building in order guard the approach.

Some of the Red Monks are attending to the thinking machine that the Father has tasked us with investigating. They pulled forth their guns and sent some of the dregs to meat their sad little gods.

The pure one destroyed another meat thing in fit of rage.

More meat things arrived along with hu-mens and a senior Red Monk. One of the hu-mens seemed important to the others.

The pure one stalked forward.

The group led by The Whisperer fired into the hu-mens while he himself reached into the mind of one of the Red Monks and muddied his perceptions so that he failed to follow his comrades.

Suddenly, hulking metal beasts appeared form the skies and launched corrosive blasts at all the brood they could reach. The pure one was destroyed and his fate was lamented.

The Chief Red Monk stood upon the edge of a great fan and launched his fire at the children and the dregs. One of the Children blasted him with his great fearful gun and the Red Monk staggered back and fell into the hiring blades of the machinery.

Using the confusion the hu-mens ran for the landing pad but the one that was fat got there first and the metal beasts made sure that the others did not reach the ladders.

The Holder crush the feeble mind remnants of one of the metal beasts and the dregs managed to destroy another but there were more and The Holder tried to escape but to no avail. The Talker convinced the remaining Children and Dregs to hold fast while he took his turn to escape.

The Whisperer took his chance and used the mind of the Red Monk to open the way to the Knowing inside the thinking machine. The Father would be proud.

Sunday morning RT game with one of my good mates. I used a bunch of gene stealer hybrids leading some scavvies. I had to get to the info station and extract some info. We'll decide what it is later. He had to get the governor to landing pad so that he could be extracted. The thallax came in late after I'd set of some alarm points within the base and they really swung the game. When Slim gets his version of events written up I'll link them here too.


  1. That is a great looking game. Lots of atmospheric little touches.

  2. Great report! Fantastic looking terrain, and an exciting little story. The data station/ATM is a great objective point.

  3. Fabulous wrote up - lovely to see from the cults point of view.

  4. Great report Colin, punchy and engaging.

  5. Love it, straightforward and immersive. Real ambiance in here.

  6. Absolutely awesome read! I do love hardcore Genestealer action

  7. Tremendously cool. Anything on your board stands out! Great!

  8. A great report. I must paint my Genestealers


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