Monday, 14 March 2016

Notorious Criminal Caught on Pict

FEED - Beta42#a12-2
The Notorious criminal, raconteur, smuggler, thief and bon viveur, Abdul Goldberg, has been spotted during a raid on a outpost in Carentine sub-sector. He and his crew attempted to override the security on the chromite deposit vaults. During their operation a data-input-output vestibule caught fire and the outposts fire suppression systems were activated. At this point the observation feeds were cut. The crew of the outpost were later released unharmed by a sub-sector arbiter security launch which was investigating the automatic signal sent by  the indentured astropath who had also proved to be flammable.

Several pict of Goldberg were retrieved from the singed but damp security systems.

A data scrubbed pict of what is believed to be Abdul Goldberg

The partial transcript of the pict-captors report that at this juncture Abdul is reportedly saying to a crew member "I don't care, just cut it..."
It is believed that Goldberg and his crew were also responsible for a fracas at a leisure station in Haladabrax 3 months ago. A misunderstanding over the relative availability of a female member of staff resulted and an armed confrontation with a late night giration club. By the time the arbites arrived all the relevant parties had left the scene.

Picts of the perpetrators leaving suggest that Goldberg was involved once again.

So after some faffing around here is my take on the Infamous Abdul Goldberg. He's based on the Talisman Timescape astronaut who was missing and arm by the time he got to me. I used a nice plasma pistol arm that I had hanging about and on my second attempt went for a head from the Empire Archers set (a very underrated plastic set if you ask me)

A fair bit of green stuffing was needed to rebuild his arm including a wristband and elbow pad and then I built a collar round the back of his neck. I also took the feather off of the head and re-sculpted the fur round the rim.

I went fro Foundry Moss and Bright Green as the basic colours on the outfit and then built up complimentary colours from there.


  1. Just brilliant ! Love everything about him, that nice little backstory is super cool.

  2. Great stuff! It's a really interesting character you've created from the disparate parts. I like the beardy head in particular, it gives him a rather dangerously unhinged look :)

  3. Great figure conversion. Nice work.

  4. I thought he was based off of a Van-sar mini at first. He looks like a friendly sort of fellow doesn't he :)

    Well done!

  5. Very cool backstory on a perfectly executed miniature.

  6. Very nice conversion. He looks great!

  7. Fascinating to see the notorious Abdul Goldberg in the flesh.

  8. These scurrilous stories about honorable and legitimate merchant Abdul Goldberg will not go unchallenged. Mr. Goldberg and his crew of loyal spacers were attempting to conduct a citizen's arrest and foil the actual thieves raiding the chromite deposit vaults. Mr. Goldberg maintains his innocence and expresses full faith that the judicial system will recognize the truth.

  9. There's a whiff of Bin Laden about him - must be the beard. Lovely conversion nevertheless!

  10. He has a touch of the boyar about him. Great work, he's got some character, this one.

  11. I've heard it from certain, let's say, 'less than reputable' sources spread throughout this galaxy and the next that Goldberg's days are numbered. Seems he's crossed one too many of his fellow disreputes in the past. There's no honour among thieves these days.
    Your picts captured him well, a well painted representation indeed! But the race is on to capture him in chains and there are many, many runners!


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