Friday, 28 August 2015

The rescue of Sir Thomas Cocksure

We return to our fantastical adventures during the revolt of the dutch against the imperialist Spanish! 

In our last episode the Heroic Sir Thomas Cocksure attempted to stop the evil Lady Giselle from getting her hands on a relic of some unknown power. He failed and was captured in the attempt. His good friend Sir Jack Falstaff was wounded by a magical bolt to the chest. He has spent time convalescing and through his network of informants has learned that Sir Thomas is being kept in the town of Fooertparp. But Giselle and her minions are about to move him so Sir Jack and his brave lads must move quickly!

The town of Fooertparp, occupied by the nefarious Lady Giselle and her Spanish allies and Monstrous minions.
Lady Giselle had been up to her old tricks again and had resurrected some dead landsknechts to do her bidding, she also had two units of 5 Spanish arquebusiers as well as her bodyguard, Hurtz, the ex-family goat and her apprentice in the dark arts, The Mad Monk.

More resuurected combatants

Spaniards guarding Sir Thomas

Lady Giselle being guarded by Hurtz and her latest experiments

A second unit of spanish guarding the bridge

And coming to Sir Thomas' rescue was Sir Jack Falstaff, Nathan Jarrow and a new member of the team Anders Funftoop, a Dutch soldier of fortune. These fine gents were leading 3 teams of Arquebsuiers, 17 in total, and a unit of Halberdiers. Adding a bit of punch to the force, Sir Jack had called upon the services of Rabbi Costinov and his fearsome Stone Golem.

A unit of arquebusiers in the foreground with Sir Jack and a unit of Halberdiers
in the back ground.

Another two units of arquebusiers and Rabbi Costinov and his Stone Golem.

Sir Jack leads the Arqubisers over the ford to try and sneak into the village through the back yards of the houses.
Things started poorly as the spaniards at the bridge felled two of the leading Arquebusiers. The rest of theEnglish advanced on the village.

The Golem charges towards the spaniards
The Golem was commanded forward by the good Rabbi and caused quite a bit of fear amongst the Spaniards at the bridge. He proceeded to mash them into pulp with his big stone fist thumping them one at a time over a couple of rounds. But the spaniards did their Job and blocked the advance of two units of Arquebusiers over the bridge.

Sir Jack moves into a commanding position and encourages his men forward
So the advantage lay with Sir Jack who lead the other unit of Arquebusiers and the Halberdiers into the village out flanking the Spanish. Giselle and her minions countered this move by charging Sir Jack's Party with both the Ogre's and the Zombies!

The Ogre bellows in rage and charges towards Sir Jack's Lads

The Zombie's attempt to close off the halberdiers advance, led by the mad monk
Nathan Jarrow led the Halberdiers in a charge in order to hold off the undead

Made of stern stuff the Halberdiers charge the Zombie and start a-hacking!

A nice of the length of the village

The fight with the Ogre had scared some of the men witless!
Giselle and the Mad Monk both attempted to fire off bolts of Arcane Energy but missed repeatedly. Despite being scared out of their hose the arquebusiers actually managed to wound the Ogre. His ability to wound them back was hampered by his inability to actually hit anything. Hurtz killed one of the chaps hiding by the stairs and the other Ogre dragged poor Sir Jack by a rope as he followed Giselle through the melee as she tried to make her escape.

But the halberdiers were made of sterner stuff

The Golem pursues the last of the Spaniards guarding the bridge
The Golem moved over the bridge following the last of the Spaniards and allowing the Arquebsuiers onto the crossing where they were faced with a salvo from a fresh unit of Spanish in the town. they must have been buying cheap imported gunpowder though as the volley was ineffective.

Linz's shooting was not going well

Giselle makes a dash for safety
Giselle dashed across the ford with the Ogre and Sir Thomas in tow. A brave Arquebusier dived at the rope, cutting it with his knife, freeing Sir Thomas! Huzzah!
Unfortunately the Ogre was not impressed with this move and promptly brought his axe down upon the brave soldier, cutting him in twain. As if this wasn't gruesome enough, he then took some time to grind the poor mans bones into flour for his bread! This put the willies right up Sir Thomas who scarpered rather than take part in the fight.

The Ogre didn't appreciate having his captive freed. But at least he got some bread out of the deal!

The Golem moves on to the second unit of Spaniards. Golem! Smash!
In the town the Golem charged the spanish, causing fear and smashing one. The rest were fabulously non-plussed and fired again at the English on the bridge killing another couple of brave lads.

Sir Jack battles Hurtz
Sir Jack meanwhile attacked Hurtz who decided there was no pointing hanging around if his mistress was buggering off and ran up the stairs to the house and dived into the river. As he floated off under the bridge, some of the english shot at him. When questioned about the incident later they swore that they had hit the beast and saw him go under, blood leaking to the surface. No body was ever found.

The lads try to take down the Ogre
With Sir Thomas free and Giselle escaped all that was left to do was subdue the monsters that she had left behind, which the lads went about with great Gusto!

Tune in next time for more Elizabethan adventure!


  1. What a spectacle! And I love that it's a bit off the beaten track.

  2. Great looking game - What could be better than Elizabethans and Zombies....

  3. so the story continues!

    Looks awesome as ever Col.

  4. Great battle, love the names. Excellent!


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