Thursday, 6 August 2015

Inquisimundan clusterfuck!

The Friday before BOYL we were invited for a game at Warhammer World by Axiom. The idea was that we all go and have some games with Andy of the Tales from the Maelstrom crowd, but he couldn't make it. He did, however, send Gadge along as super-sub. Also in attendance were Cheetor, Asslessman, Antipixi, Just John, Graham and Paul. Captain Crooks wandered around in the background looking like and excited puppy and stalking Jes Goodwin. We ended up blethering loads and only got a single game in but it was a cracker of a game.

The forces were divided into two roughly equal factions, me, Cheetor, Asslessman and Gadge on one side versus everybody else. We were fighting over the abandoned Tau teleport array in the centre of the table. The first to the top of the tower can use it call in reinforcements or to disable it. Whichever suited your cause.

To my left was Cheetors Inquisitor Verhoeven with his treekin allies.

Next to him was a desperate gang of waste nomads who had somehow tamed an Ambull to fight alongside their two Ogryn.

Next to them was Axiom's radical inquisitor with his weird Daemonic followers.

Then Just John's force was made up go a generous bearded chap and a load of ratling snipers.

Graham's gene stealer cult held the baddies centre.

And finally Asslessman was on my right. Gadge arrived a little later and deployed on Asslessman's right. Paul deployed next to Graham when he came.

We moved as cautiously as we could and freaked out when a purestrain gene stealer appeared right in front of us. I quickly plugged it with a plasma gun only for Graham to announce that his secret mission was that he had swapped sides to join the imperium! (we don't know if we want you, you purple weirdoes!)

Cheetor split his forces and hid his Treekin in the trees to tie up the Waste Nomads.

And their lumbering muscle.

As soon as the others found out about Grahams backstabbing his cult was riddled with bullets especially from the ratlings who were deadly little buggers.

The other nasties headed towards the walls.....

While our teams seemed to be moving slowly. Painfully slowly.

One of Cheetor's pantless men at arms stumbled on a booby-trap.

And my scum riddled one of the daemons with bullets before it snuck into the tower.

Cheetors inquisitor and retinue backed me up all the way.

Asslessman was struggling, the hotshot ratlings were causing him all kinds of problems with most of his retinue being knocked down.

Gadge advanced slowly towards the chaos.

Bloody ratlings!

Axiom's retinue broke into the compound...

and the last of Graham's cult and my retinue confronted the mutant Ogryn.

The game was won by Graham's purestrain Genestealer who, filled with it's new found love of the emperor, managed to get to the top of the Tower and jabbed it's claws into the machinery making the heathen gadgetry work.

Afterwards we took some pics of the leaders hanging about at the top of the tower.

And the did some comparison shots of different painters takes on some classic mini's.

Can you guess who painted what?

Two of these figures can't have appeared on a table painted too often before!

This is obviously a popular figure. No less than four of them were in folks collections during the game.

And lastly, two Sensei! They look a bit annoyed about being caught at the same party dressed the same.


  1. Friggin' sweet battlereport!
    And also amazing collection of minis!

  2. Absurdly fun and awesome! Looks really great :)

  3. Oh aye, super special invite only sub groups is it ;)

    Looks like an awesome game, love the line up of similar figuers.

    1. Super special invite-only sub groups are where it's at Erny! Seriously, this was something that coalesced as BOYL drew nearer. I only created the set-up for the game on the Wednesday before the Friday ;)

    2. Well it looks awesome, I'm glad their are pictures.

  4. It's great to see so many shots of that game from all round. The table was so big that I missed a lot of that. I must have been in the jacks when the comparison shots were taken :)

    Thanks for the report WP!

  5. Nice work mate, still gutted I had to bail with less than a day's notice but I'm sure we'll do it again. In fact I'm considering running a Tales from the Maelstrom open Rogue Trader game in Warhammer World some time, so we'll have to get as many of you lot back for that as can make it :-)

  6. Nice report. Great looking figures and paintjobs by all involved.


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