Thursday, 20 August 2015

I have another plan.....

While I get my head down and get on with painting fantasy stuff (4 beast men done since the last post, the rest of them undercoated. I just need to get into the painting habit a again and I'll be copping along!) my head has been churning with ideas for games for next years BOYL. Yep, I'm that excited. I fancy running a game next year and I've gone through a couple of different ideas, one of which was a dinosaur hunt on a death world with eldar hippies protesting (quite violently) about all these big game hunters killing of the precious little lizards. 
What I have settled on though is classic Rogue Trader setting.
Any of you that are familiar with the RT rule book will remember the Logan's world section illustrated by Carl Critchlow (he of Thrud fame). It was little portrait of a world that only occasional comes under the control of the imperium and most of the time is a place of hard lives and hard knocks.
Ideal for setting a game in. Ideal for setting a game at next a years BOYL in!

I've already started a thread over on the forum inviting other players to volunteer and I've a fair response. So much so that the scenario is evolving because of it. 

The basic premise is that the eye of terror had blinked and the imperials are on their way to stamp their authority on the populace. It's time for one last, desperate round of villainy and thievery before all the fun stops.

Each player will have a set of objectives that they need to fulfil. These will be directly in conflict with some of their opponents. They have to try and complete their objectives before everybody else does by being as sneaky and underhanded as they can. 

Because there are so many interested players already I'm now thinking of forming alliances between gangs that the players will only find out about at the start  of the game. Most of these will be beneficial to both parties so it's worth them sticking together. It also means that I can cut down on the number of factions taking turns. If I use the random turns that we've used for most of our big games it should keep everyone on their toes! 

So over the next year I need to get some 'Helsreach' scenery done. Some of the ferrograd stuff will work and I've also got some western stuff that's half built that can be ' Sci-fied ' up. Add half a dozen or so purpose built buildings and we should have enough for two decent length streets with a crossroads and plenty of smaller buildings behind. Add some hills along one table edge and it should be pretty much there.

Hopefully the players will choose gangs similar to the archetypes mentioned in the illustrations in the book including punks, water sellers, bus gangs, ork slavers, mercenaries and bikers.

I'm pretty excited about this already. Hopefully a year won't take too long! 


  1. I love that because it's basically a whole world offered to us to explore !

  2. Trying to narrow down to just one of those factions is the hard part, I want to have them all painted.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the plan evolve over the next eleven months.

  3. I so hope that I can make BOYL next year; if only to play this game! I'm going to make a gang anyway, but this game will be awesome.

    Damn you and your good ideas!!!

  4. Looking forward to seeing this come together: that's one of the best sections of the Rogue Trader rules I reckon.

  5. The idea is extremely appealing indeed! It literally opens a world of possibilities! I'll be really looking forward to seeing your progress :)

  6. It is interesting how GW rewrote the eye of terror stuff in the realm of chaos books. Whilst I love those books it is a bit of a shame as it removed a bit of the RT universe that I thought was really cool and that was the struggle between human groups including against a fascist style imperium.

  7. That's a great idea - and so true to the RT books. Those sorts of goal-oriented war games are always the most fun -- especially when there's the potential for a little back stabbing. Good luck with your preparations!


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