Monday, 3 August 2015

BOYL Saturday Part 1 - Do Rogue Traders dream of Electric goats?

OK! Lets see if we can power through some post BOYL posts. I've uploaded all the photos and I reckon it adds up to a half dozen post so stay tuned for the next couple of days while I try and get through them. 

First up is JB Asslessman game on saturday morning. In keeping with last years Highlander themed sensei game, this was based on Bladerunner and featured a variety of gangs variously trying destroy or save the replicants on the board. Trouble is, nobody knew who the replicants were. Only way to find out was to interview them and then deal with them accordingly. Turns were random based on cards being drawn (the is fast becoming a favourite mechanic for multiple player games and featured in at least three of the games over the weekend). Players were Fimm McCool, Ashley, Captain Crooks, Cheetor, Antipixi, Axiom and myself with JB GM'ing. You can see some of the gangs below.

Captain Crooks punk bikers (the guy on the akira bike won Crooksy a painting prize!)

NPC protesters by Cheetor

Antipixi's gang


Fimm's punks

Axioms gangers

The action was fast and bloody. Cheetors corporate types (whom i somehow managed to avoid photographing!) decided that the best way to deal with things was to just blast hell out of everybody starting with Fimm's punks.

My cops moved in to interrogate the protestors and I immediately identified two replicants but before I could do anything about, antipixi's gangers blasted my coppers to the floor. What he didn't realise was that I could 'respawn' my cops on a 3+. This tied up his gangers and I eventually whittled them down.

The biker zoomed about making a nuisance of themselves by pulling wheelies and generally scaring the locals.

At one point they made a barrier to protect Fimm's punks from the firepower coming from Paul's corporates.

And then zoomed back over to cause me some hassle.

The remains of Ashley's gang then started picking on me after having succeeded in killing off Axiom's gang.

But by that point i'd dealt with the replicants and i'd found out that Antipixi's gang had been Replicants all along! Fimm managed to slip off the board with a hooker that turned out to be a robo-hooker.

So ended our first game of the weekend. Great fun and the perfect icebreaker. Cheers to all the boys that took part and thanks to JB for organising. The figures were all brilliantly painted and thanks to Axiom for letting us use some of the scenery form his Anarchy in the under hive game.


  1. Great report! Fab looking game!

  2. Fun, nice and light game! I admit, I got distracted by Kev Adams sculpting my face on a ratling ;)

  3. A solid opener with great miniatures from everyone. Fimms Hasslefree lady and Crooksies bikers stand out for me. The terrain was brilliant too.

  4. Great idea for a scenario, sounds like it was loads of fun to play. Looks fantastic too!

  5. Lovely looking game and sounds like it was a blast - great idea for a scenario!

  6. Glad my rather messy organisation didn't make that one a complete mess. One of my favourite part of this one (on part of being to meet up with you all) was to see everyone's own little world blending just nicely with all the other's. Those pictures show models from guys living worlds apart and yet it looks really good (but maybe I'm a little biased).

  7. Great fun to play, truly anarchic cyberpunk fun. Shame we didn't take out any of the suits, but at least the goat escaped!

  8. Is that a protestor lying on his or her back and showing something coppery? I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that has discovered a supplier of cheap bases and weights. Lovely game. Looks like it was great fun. Great work all around. I really need to find a way to beam myself and some miniatures TransAt for one of these things.


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