Monday, 3 August 2015

BOYL Saturday Game 3 - Vulture warriors

While I was spectating over at Axiom's Anarchy in the Underhive game, Dral came to find me and asked if he could play the Vulture Warriors game. He had painted up all the Paranoia figures and Erny had donated the Orks. Warlord Paul took over the Orks and Thantsants took on the Red Level Trouble shooters. 

We played it traditionally. Both parties started off in their separate sections of the base only moving to the central table when they moved into the central room. Dral had deliberately not re read the scenario an Thantsants also had no idea what was going on, I reckon Warlord Paul had a bit more knowledge but played the game as if it was all knew to him.

The trouble-shooters were keen to explore the base and moved into the middle section first. They started pressing buttons to see what would happen and notice the other door. They started to wonder what was behind it.

A load of anger Orks were behind it!
What ensued was high-velocity mayhem as every figure in the board attempted to fire very weapon it owned it everything that moved.

Some of the trouble shooters were caught out in the open and one of the Blue troopers jabbed at the controls, sending the trouble shooters down the bay doors......

Only for them to be mown down by the unit of works waiting on the lift

From this point on the Troubleshooters were wildly outnumbered and with the Bots missing or not having a controller the Ork soon had the base all to themselves again.

It was great to see this game actually been played. It worked perfectly. The guys had a great time and the scenario didn't show its age at all. Fantastic.


  1. I missed this entirely! Looks great - care to rerun it some time?

  2. SO wanted to play this game!

    Maybe one day. (sigh)

  3. Anytime mate. I know Cheetor wanted to play it as well, it's on his bucket list. Next year? I'll GM it for you both.

  4. I was sorry I missed this as well; I've been a big Paranoia nut since my youth (although I'm not *that* James Holloway).

  5. Yeah, I'm definitely up for playing this one next year if you can accommodate. Care to make it man-date-ory Axiom?

    I don't have troubleshooter models, but I spent much of the long trip home working out how to segue some other projects into suitable proxies.

  6. Absolutely loved this game - brilliantly GM'ed and the scenery worked a treat. I genuinely didn't know what was round each corner and that really added to the enjoyment.

    Cheers for a fantastic game and for getting me hooked on Paranoia. I have a few troubleshooters and a hankering for more now!

  7. Wouldn't be quite the same with out the full set of trouble shooters but here is another one to play out back home. Sad to miss it in that I was doing other cool stuff way.

  8. I'd read the scenario once or twice over the years but had never given it the time of day as a 'youth' (no longer able to describe myself as old without hearing Golgfag's maniacal laughter in the background) because of it's extreme levels of comic/mash-up weirdness. Of course, having now played it alongside some excellent fellows I can confirm it is an extremely enjoyable, clever and well-conceived little scenario that everybody should get under their belt. If you lack the scenery-building drive of Whiskey Priest and can't wait until the next BOYL, you might want to try printing off a few suitable floorplans, mounting them on card and turning them into the platforms with some plastic cups. Then it's just a matter of dragging some suitable minis out of the collection. Thanks to all who took part, definitely the 'funnest' game of the whole weekend for me.


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