Monday, 3 August 2015

BOYL 15 Saturday game 2 - Journey to the East

My second game of the day saw me entering the game late. This fantasy game had been organised by Thantsants after Lenihan, who originally proposed the game, had to make his own Journey to the east (to Mongolia in fact).

The story based about the adventures of the Hobgoblin chief Vidhal Timotei. The vicious little chap had been making enemies all over the great plains and they had all tracked him down. At the same time. While he was sleeping.

By the time I arrived the Hobgoblins were being attacked by Horse raiders, Elves, Centaurs, Ogres, Half-Orcs and Ninjas (yep Ninjas!) and a Giant Frog.

My Half-orcs and Black Orcs headed across the river and were incensed by the sight of the pointy eared gits being so haughty this far into the east.

My half-orcs attacked the Centaurs that had just finished off a unit of Hobgoblins (they were proudly displaying Throggs head on the end of a point stick)

The Giant frog, it's belly full of Hobgoblin already decided it liked the look of the Black Orcs and attacked the units Hero. It didn't go well.

The other unit of half-orcs (Van Loon I believe, who won a painting prize for his unit) were whittling down that last unit of hobgobs.

The Black Orcs charged the frog and made it go splat!

And then they charged the Elf unit and a rough and bloody battle started.

By this time the Ogre's moved across the battlefield and were causing chaos through everybodies ranks. (really just and excuse to show off this gorgeous Ogre. I now want one)

Thanks to all the folks who who made me feel so welcome despite that fact that I came on late and killed the heroic frog. Great to meet so many new friends and to pop my BOYL fantasy cherry on such a cool game. Thanks to you all.


  1. Nice pics love those ogres they are mint!

  2. Glad you made it to the table while there was still a target rich environment to be had - we definitely needed someone to take Ollie's Elves down a peg or two.

    Like Dinosaurs, everything is always more awesome with Ninjas.

    I did smile when Van Loon's Half Orcs won a prize as the dice really weren't very kind to him in this game!

  3. That looked like a fun day.
    Thanks for posting.


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