Thursday, 27 August 2015

Adding lots of character

As threatened a couple of months ago, I've gotten round to adding some more monstrous types to my casts for the Elizabethan Gothique games. First off is Rabbi Costinov and his Stone Golem. The good Rabbi was given the secrets to creating golems by a cousin in Prague and he has used it to defend his home from the rampaging Spanish. He has been convinced to come to the aid of the English forces.
His help will come in handy.

Mistress Giselle has been experimenting with the magic items that she gathered in the last game. They have given her the power to transform normal humans into monstrous forms. In this case she has created two Ogre's to bolster her forces. These old Marauder Ogre's are are perfect for the timeframe and add another level of menace to Giselle's forces.


  1. All look great Colin, You've got some pretty strong hitters now !

  2. Nice additions! The ogres look great!

  3. Super cool figs. I really like the golem, where did he come from?

    1. Hi Dave, he's by Graven images, now being sold through Hoka-Hey games.


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