Sunday, 2 November 2014

My first zombie.....

Managed a few moments (between feeding the family, stopping fights and giving cuddles) to paint up the first pair of White Knights Renaissance zombie's. They are brilliant models, full of character, shambling around in knackered armour. I've got 10 of them altogether so I'll need to get stuck in. 

Yarrgh! I wisheth to done on your innards!

They stinketh as much as the gusset of Smelly Beth, the smelliest whore in smellyshire! 


  1. Great models and great painting as well. Love the rusty armour. very nice indeed :-)

  2. Those are great sculpts! I've never seen any like them, all armoured and so forth. Very nice work.

    1. I'm not sure who does the sculpts for White Knight, you have to ask him. i fell in love with them straight away.

  3. You got really interesting results! Like them!


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