Tuesday, 18 November 2014

More Spaniards

Just a quick post to show off the completed Spanish company. 16 arquebusiers, an Ensign and an officer. A Tercio, which was the overall administrative unit in the Spanish army at the time, would have been made up of a number of Companies, each of which would have had there on set of officers and colours.
 Tercio was used on the battlefield but was only really useful in big, set piece battles on flat ground. In the small actions that took place on the broken and waterlogged battlefields of the Low countries, companies were a more useful and flexible sized unit. Spanish companies were usually pike or shot (although the pike companies usually contained some shot) and the shot companies were usually the ones used for the kinds of small scale battles I'm hoping to be playing.

Eventually I hope to have more Spanish companies painted up. The long tern goal will be to paint enough to recreate a Tercio. One company of shot for each corner and another to cover the front plus at least 4 companies of pike to make up the block in the centre (I know, ambitious). But more than likely I'll eventually manage 4 companies of shot and some cavalry back up.

What is more likely is that I add a small unit (8 figures plus an officer) of sword and buckler armed troops like the citadel Estalians that I recently got a hold of above. Although they weren't a recognised infantry type by this point, the sword and buckler armed troops were still used to assault strong points. Often these temporary units were made up of the 'Gentlemen of the Tercio', these were noble born volunteers who would fight in the ranks of the Tercio while waiting to be appointed to a command of their own company or a position as an officer in someone elses. Many Spanish commanders had served with the ranks which gave the force a very unique esprit de corps. These gentleman adventurers would volunteer for dangerous assaults in an attempt to get there valour noticed and be promoted by their superiors.


  1. Looking good...I love this period of warfare...there is something very evocative about a big block of pike and shot. Keep up the good work!

  2. I've always liked the morion helmets and one day hope to produce an old worlder allies contingent
    Where did u get these gems sir?

    1. The troops are a combination of Gamezone imperial troops and the old citadel estalians (both are quite expensive options I'm afraid) the officer and the ensign are both from foundry.

  3. Lovely work, seriously. If you are interested in the nerdy info, that flag belongs to the 'Tercio de la Liga'. Great work, I must insist :)


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