Monday, 10 November 2014

Geuzen Company

While this little roll last I painted an officer and a ensign for my first unit of 'Beggars'. A company of arquebusiers to go up against the spanish.

A close up of the new figures

The last two cast members for the 7th Voyage games

Some of the figures actually overtime as part of Sir Thomas Cocksure's company (this kind of thing was rife at the time apparently!)

And here they are as part of the completed cast. You'll notice that there is a new co-star, to the right of Sir Thomas. Old Nathan Jarrow is a dab hand with the Musket and is the voice of caution in the little group. The arquebusiers count as warriors in the 7th voyage rules and the halberdiers count as Veterans. Both have a leader upgrade.

And here you can see the villains. I've painted a leader for the spaniards who will count as Mercenaries and this brings the evil cast up to 13. An apt number I think.
The spanish are a mix of Gamezone, Foundry and Citadel
Next is to finish off the rest of the Spanish arquebusiers, followed by another Dutch company, some Spanish cavalry then Dutch pike and some more halberdiers. 
Then I can get a game in with Donnybrook.


  1. You are doing a very nice use of colour here, I really like where this project is going, keep on!

  2. Hi!

    Really nice little force you are developing there! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

    All the best!


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