Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Os mutantes!

Nearly done Johny Alpha, got his shoes to do and some basing. 

Wulf Sternhammer has been started. Deciding on a colour scheme was a bugger as his outfit changes loads in the comics. I've gone for a red body glove with yellow pads (to fit with Johny) a greyish fur pelt and his bandolier will be green.

And a little tune from the real Os Mutantes (the mutants in Portuguese, them being from Brazil and all) 


  1. Badass!

    Johnny looks great, really vibrant.

    Isolating the right scheme for characters primarily represented in B&W is tough so I am very interested to see der big cucumber vinished.

    Great work, I love those guys.

  2. Ah, 2000AD. Nostalgia overload! Lovely painting on Johny as well, a really vibrant yellow. I look forward to seeing Wulf ready for action.


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