Sunday, 27 April 2014

It's a (space) pirates life for me!

Thankfully I won't have to think of two many more painful pirate puns as I've now finished all the crew figures. The last three were done last night while drinking some Innes and Gunn (a beer brewed in Edinburgh that I can get easily here and is a lovely tipple if any of you fancy one) and watching a documentary about the making of the Elizabeth Taylor film, Cleopatra.

So here is a shot of the crew so far. I've got a couple of 'Champions' (more of which shortly) to do and then they'll be done apart from basing which I'll wait to do later as I'm unsure what kind of table we'll be playing on.

A lovely shot of the lads posing on a handy staircase

As to the champions, I also got a chance to start on Big Frank. He's a lovely model and I'm just trying to figure out how to tie his scheme into the rest of the group. His outfit is stitched together from various bits so I reckon a couple of similar colours with a third clashing or at least brighter to set off the maybe a limb or two.

The second champ is planned on being Suzie Spitgun from the 2000ad range but after doing a trade with Cheetor I got a copy of Heresy Vincent B Rudduck (here he is next to an RT guardsman for scale). He's a nice model but I think his head is a bit small, almost as if he's had the 'Pinhead' mutation! But still he is making me consider including him in the mob. I do have a spare citadel head that might be suitable for a head swap but I think it might be two big. I spent all day yesterday with it blu-tac'd into positions so that I could squint at it an try to beat perspective. The photos aren't helping as they are very unkind to the world of tiny scale differences!

As you can see here it does look a little large but again, actuallyy in my hand, I could convince myself it's alright but I think I'll give it a swerve as I don't want to chop his head off for nothing!

This week I also added a bit of graffiti to the Arvus. This was given as an example of the most scottish graffiti ever!

And a little bit of glory to one of Jamaica's finest!

And finally news of another new miniature that is in production!


  1. Hi!

    Cracking pirate crew! I can't wait to see them all finished and in action! The headswap looks fine, its in keeping with the proportions of the original Rogue Trader figures and gives the character a bit of an egotistical look thats rather in keeping with the source material!

    All the best!

  2. Great looking crew. I look forward to seeing how the champions come out.

  3. Splendid work ! I never understood why the pirates were all bent forward the way they are but they are undoubtedly superb models and your paintjob has just helped them get even better.

    The graffs are really nice too, just the perfect touch.

    Oh and congrats for the little WIP, all the best Colin.

  4. The crew looks brilliant. The large 'tasches and beards and bright coloured outfits remind me a bit of the Asterix books :)

    Congrats on the next addition to the leadpile.

  5. Nice job on them all, Colin! I think you should leave Riddick's head intact, even if it's the same size as the coffee mug. Wonky proportions are all part of the game. As it's not a diorama figure, but considered for gaming, I don't think it's worth the extra effort. Your mileage may vary, of course. =)

    Nice job on the li'l one too - congrats!

  6. Nice work!
    You could go either way on the head of Rudduck, I think.
    And, congratulations on the baby; busy times ahead!

  7. Hello mate; congratulations on the new miniature! :-)


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