Thursday, 17 April 2014

Giving myself lots to do! Part 2

The next part of my preparations for Oldhammer day involves Asslessman from the Leadplague blog. A while back we both enthused at each other about near mythical almost-game Confrontation

No not the Rackham one but the GW one that was part published in White Dwarf many moons ago. Asslessman and I have both written articles about it in the past Here and Here
so I won't repeat it here but the idea was mooted about seeing if we could run a game at oldhammer day. Well it looks like it's going to happen. We are going to try running the game together ( he
reckons people will find it easier to understand my scots burr than his Gallic twang, (is twang right? )). As such we are hoping to attract people to have a go during the day, a kind drop in - drop out kind of thing. So we are going to supply the gangs for people to use. Each gang will be 4 or 5 figures and initially I've volunteered to supply 3 gangs (although some of the figs from the previous game could get used as well if it turns out to be popular!)

Where as Asslessman is going for colourful exotic gangs like Bratts and Venators I'm going to do some more common everyday Hive gangs. 
The first gang are conversions from the dark vengeance cultists. The cultists are great models and I've been looking for an excuse to add a gang to figure I finished last year. Mostly it's simple head swaps and cutting off the chaosy bits. They are already built so just need painting. 

The second gang are going to plastic again ( yeah, I know, Heresy!). This time though they are going to be a tech-gang with bionic bits and better weapons. I've got all the bits ready to go, I just need to decide on weapons which will mostly involve delving into bits boxes and seeing what I can find. As they are a tech-gang they should have state of the art weaponry rather than crappy old autoguns, we'll see what we can do. 

The third gang is going to be made up of actual old-Skool confrontation figures. They are going to need stripping and as there are limited variants of the figures I might swap the heads around it at least move them to look in different directions just to add some variety. Arms may be problem as the old bare arms that GW produced for these models are rarer than hens teeth. I do have some but what I might do is use flagellant arms as these seem to be about the right size. Let's wait and see.

That gives me about 15 figs for this game as well. Again, a fairly easy goal. If it turns out to be popular I could maybe do another couple of gangs if time allows, redemptionist types and Arbites.

In addition to these figs I've also got my 'fistful of Kung fu' models to paint (must not give in and buy the cops as well!) and I volunteered to make the china town board for our games (who else is going to do it? More on my plans for this in another post). I'll also promised to ressurect my cowboy/western town as Neil wants to play 'Legends of the old west' with some of the figures he bought at Salute. Must of the buildings for this are built they just need detailing and painting.

Phew. That should keep me busy! 

(Ps. Lenihan at where the sea pours out has contacted me to see if I'm interested in doing the 'Dolgan Raiders' scenario with my as yet unpainted hobgobs. 

I said yes.) 


  1. Brilliant, I guess we are going to get a table where "R"s are rolled as much as dice !

    Good thing you cover the techs, I'll concentrate on the most exotic gangs (hope we can get Axiom's Bratts)

    You are indeed going to b pretty busy but it's for such a good cause... ;)

    1. Ok, just how many Brats do I need to finish now? That's an awful lot of gangers my 4-5 Brats will be facing ;-)

    2. Base idea would be to have at least 5 but come on... you definitely want to show-off if you think like a true brat ;)

  2. These look good. The plastic arms issue is the bane of my old school army collecting plans, also.

    Sorry to add to your woes, but I'm looking forward to seeing your Rogue Trader Blood Axes, as I'm planning some myself and would like the inspiration!

    1. I'm looking forward to doing the orks but they'll probably get done in dribs and drabs later in the year. What I should do is create a scenario where I need some and get it booked in to the diary, that'll get me painting them.


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