Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A grander day out

We decided that we had time to get a second game in and decided to get all four warbands on the table. We decided that there was a magical item in watch tower and if there was a single remaining champion on the field then he could claim it. 

Malc and I decided we'd had enough if being pushed around by magic users and ganged up on Rab's Tzeentch Warband. 

Rab's Warband in the distance, Malc's albino ghosts in the foreground.
Antipixi tackles the recalcitrant tripod.

My Warband advanced through the buildings. The hounds and the Minotaur forging ahead and the limping champion and beastman hobbling along behind.

Rab quickly felt surrounded and a little bit picked on! But he dealt with it admirably. Two hounds were turned into bubbling masses of horrors. One of which charged the Minotaur and the loss of the second caused the final hound to route.

Running straight into the rest of the Warband who, apart from the champion, all routed!

In the mean time Antipixi's forces wandered towards the fighting, his champion occasionally forgetting how to walk.

He did fire spells into the combat between the horror and the Minotaur splitting the little pink bugger in two. My minotaur still couldn't hurt them cos his lack of magical weapons.

Malc's beastmen charged into Rab's which contained his champion and had been disordered after a failed charge.

My warband were still running......
And Antipixi were still strolling (or forgetting to) towards the sound of battle.

My minotaur was down to a single wound and the pink horrors behind him were still spawning.

The banner and rank bonus helped Rab's beastmen to push Malc's back for a couple of rounds. However his chaos dwarf champ was honing in.
Antipixi destroyed the blue horrors with magic finally freeing the Minotaur who was quickly chopped down by Malc's dark elf crossbowmen.

The nurglists were getting there.

Near enough for the Big gribbly could charge the Horrors.

Now that malc's champ was in the fight he was able to whittle down Rab's unit.

My champ was moving (very slowly) towards the Dark Elves.
They promptly turned round and shot him. Dead. (in the post match rolls he suffered another serious injury and now has a movement of Zero. Doh!)

The followers of Nurgle had finally arrived in force.

And my remaining beastmen had rallied and were moving back towards the kerfuffle.

Hoping to ambush the pestigors and the Champion. The dice had to go my way at least once!
In the back ground the Pink Horrors had managed to defeat the Big Nurgly Bug by getting out a big back of salt.

But Malc's beastmen got the first charge in (after having finished off Rab's Champion)

But they got there eventually!
This is where we ran out time. As there were still two champions on the field (Antipixi and Malc) nobody got to take home the magic item.
Again much hilarity and fun was had. My warband failed to frenzy everytime and proved to be completely incapable of killing anything. Still I reckon I gained a moral victory, mine was the last painted Champion on the field! Cheers guys!


  1. Last painted champion on the table is more than moral victory, it is plain and simple victory. You know what happens to unpainted champions? they get warped in some strange place never to return...
    You won the day (sorry for the others)
    Looks like a great game was played.

    1. Well actually now that I think of, Antipixi's champion was painted so I can't even win that one!

  2. Great breakdown of the game. I hope you enjoyed the day, I know I did. :)

    You definitely deserve a moral victory for having a fully painted warband (Only 2 out of the 4 were) despite only joining the campaign a couple of weeks ago. I am feeling the unpainted shame and vow that I will get my minis painted by the summer! (although not sure whether that will include the 2 very peculiar chaos spawn conversions.)

    You realise that you have two legless members to your warband now: one literal and the other metaphoric. :)

  3. Cracking write up and looks like it was fun, maybe I'll needs to dust off Jornarilesh the Depraved (a Slaanesh Champion and his warband) and get warbanding!


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