Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A grand day out

Yesterday I did the exact thing that I've been warning the girls at my school against and went to meet some strange men that I met on the internet. Apart from all having different names than the ones they use on t'interwebs (with the exception of the ever sensible Malc) antipixi , Rab and Malc were wonderfully polite hosts and many a die was rolled in the name of oldhammer.
We rolled for opponents and scenarios and I got Antipixi and we rolled a scenario that involved his warband attempting to rescue their champion from execution while dressed as nuns. My warband on the other hand had dressed up as sentries and were attempting to stop the nurglists from escaping.
My warband started blocking the entrance to the town square.

The nurglists were heading towards the spot where their champ was to be despatched.

A shot of the deployment

The chaos hounds and the minotaur surge forward into the square.

Hoping to outflank the opposing warband. The followers of pestilence turned to face the threat.

The minotaur charged the pestigors in a frenzy.

Who bolted in fear, causing the cultists behind to route as well. But as the game was based in walled courtyard they couldn't escape!

The beastmen and the champion strode forward, full of confidence.

Until they saw the beast of nurgle (who was also a chaos lord!) paralysing the minotaur with ease!.

The massive tentacled slug bounded towards the chaos hounds like an excited puppy.

Paralysing two and causing the third to route.

Still all the followers of khorne had to do was take out the champion and some cultists. Should be easy, especially if they become frenzied!

But the the slug came back and took out the Champion.

And the nurgle champion vomited over the beastmen taking out two.

Finally the beastmen got their charge in but had obviously been eating the wrong kind of herb and kept their cool.

Meaning they lost the combat and got pushed back.

And after another covering of spew got another charge in. Still no frenzy! Damn hippy beastmen!

Losing another round of combat (damn that banner!) the beastmen got pushed back again.
And routed off the field.

The curse of the newly painted mini strikes again.

The beast of nurgle was the true man of the match but the lack of magic and any minor characters (there are two in the cultist unit) plus the failure to frenzy were what cost me the game. As a result I gained no victory points what so ever and in the post game rolls my champion and a beastmen were left severely injured and only bale to move 2" a turn plus some other minor injuries on a hound and a beastman that reduced some stats. The dice gods were not with me today!

Antipixi and the other guys felt so sorry for me that they suggested I roll on the followers table so that the next battles were not hugely one sided. So again I rolled the fickle polyhedrons and rolled a unit of 3 cultists led by a Chaos Marauder. My eyes lit up, a worthy successor to my ailing champion! We rolled for his gifts.
Face of Khorne (cool)
Main of Hair (ok)
Alcholism (erm...)
Chaos Were (right....erm. A were what?)


A chaos were - Chaos Spawn!

The chaos spawn rolled up as
a Zoat
Pseudo Daemonhood
2 Heads
Massive intellect
Flaming skull face
Manic Fighter
Prehensile tail
Illusion of normality!

I'm not sure what kind of mood the dice gods were in !


  1. I was genuinely concerned when the Beastmen and Cultists routed. However, Uber-Beast to the rescue!

    An accurate and clear account of the game (definitely more so than my, ever so slightly, one-sided blog).

    I really look forward to seeing the alcoholic were-psuedodaemon-zoat in a future encounter. Thank for joining us! :)

  2. Oh dear oh dear, warbands that have a powerful leader do seem to have an upper hand.

    A warning if you ever play Erny and his Slaanesh warband that has a Vampire as it's leader who has a daemonic familiar, he's a b#gger to shift because a) he's a Vampire so dead 'ard, b) he's a wizard that he keeps on raising skelies so as your warband shrinks his gets larger.................................

    I look forward to your conversion of your spawn =)

  3. I think they were beyond fickle... maybe as far as extracting the urine? I'll try and get my first game's report up today or tomorrow, but the less said about my utter obliteration in the multi-way game the better!

  4. Great report! Campaign gaming like this can be a disheartening experience. Just over a decade ago I remember painstakingly collecting metal miniature for an Averlander Mordheim warband. My opponents tended to use bits from their WHFB armies. After two games I had suffered something like four-five fatalities, whilst my opponents' 'bands were steadily growing. In the end I had to disband 'em because they just weren't viable. I recall being rather sour about the whole affair for several months after.

  5. At least when your marauder weres out he will transform into a spawn that has an illusion of normallity. No need to convert a figure then!

    1. Yeah I thought that too but when he gets into combat the illusion drops so I'll still need to do the other figure!


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