Sunday, 13 April 2014

A couple of Virgins at Salute

Timing and fate worked out this year and I was able to go to Salute along with two of my oldest mates, Neil and Linz. Both of them have never been to Salute before and although I took Neil to a show in South London and Linz has worked at many a games day, neither were quite sure what to expect. We didn't bother queuing up early this year, I've done it plenty of times in the past, so we got there about 12ish and spent the next 5 hours wandering around and taking it all in. 

One of the first boards we came across was this brilliant Victorian/Mars board complete with very handy background kindly supplied to make photos even more epic! 
Like so!
If you've never been I can only reccomend it. I didn't take as many pictures as I should have but I'm sure plenty of people have put loads of photos up. 

We did see that 4ground are bringing out a new set of fantasy buildings in July. They look nice and the quality if their stuff is damn good and this might be the range that I decide to invest in for Felderberg. We'll wait and see.

The other board I really wanted to see was the 'hell and high water' board by Fenris. The amount of work and detail in this board is amazing and their is a thread on Frothers detailing it's build which is well worth a look. 

Linz is a long term gamer so knew a fair few people especially GW or ex-gw types but Neil is a lapsed member of the hallowed league of wargamers, hence our attempts to lure him back in with games of rogue trader and trips to wargames shows. He has taken a shine to 7TV and is building a cast but as yet we've not had a game but the shiny-shiny has taken him and he was drawn to  Osprey's new games. It came down to either a Fistful of Kung Fu or Ronin and we figured if went for the former their was more chance of sharing scenery with 7TV.

So I purchased the rules and after a quick peruse I'm pretty impressed by them, I'm really looking forward to playing them.

So I bought the Demons set which is full of nice figures.
I'm actually looking forward to painting these. Neil bought the martial artists set and Linz bought the Yakuza. All that's required is some mean streets to fight on. My mind is already churning with ideas but more of that another time.

I also got the news crew from EM4. Hopefully these will get used in the game Cheetor and I are planning for Oldhammer day.

These heads are going to get used for conversions but mainly I want one for my pirate captain, a conversion that I'll get around to at the end if the week.
And finally a set of sci-fi crates from Fenris for me a Cheetor to fight over. Not a great amount of loot and I could have bought loads more. There is such a massive range of games and retailers I didn't even miss the bring and buy. I reckon I may have even convinced Neil to make it an annual trip.

One gripe though.
15 quid for parking?! 
Tea leaves! 


  1. Its cool to see you prepping for the BOYL game with the TV crew and crates :)

    I have played a number of 7TV games (an "Inquisitor" TV show premise) and its quite a lot of fun. You guys should have fun with that. I have played a fair number of Ganesha Games (and have some playtester credits in a few too). They are almost most all written by Andrea Sfiligoi, who also wrote A Fistful of King Fu, which uses the same Song of Blades and Heroes core rules. I have yet to play AFOKF, but it does look to me like possibly the most entertaining iteration of the game engine. I have gathered about ten or so old Perry ninjas with plans to pitch them against some Ninja Turtles in the not too distant future.

    Im envious of your trip :)

  2. Dude, this looks like it was a lot of fun.

    If ever Salute falls on a weekend that doesn't clash with my Misses' Birthday celebrations I'd love to join you, that'd make the £15 a bit easier to swallow too.........................

    Glad to hear you're planning for BOYL, will defo see you there.

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