Saturday, 19 April 2014

1 down, 29 to go!

I decided to play around with some figures that I've just completed to get a better set of photos (skills and quality of camera phone not withstanding!) of some minis.

On the far left is the figure I'm going to use as my Pirate Captain for one if my games at Oldhammer day (see previous posts). More on him in a bit.

The middle two I've had painted for a while and aren't for the game but I figured I needed him to be ordering someone about! 

On the right is Johny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer from the 2000ad strip, Strontium Dog.

I often forget what a peculiarly British comic 2000ad is and that although folks outside the UK may have heard of Judge Dredd and perhaps Rogue Trooper but the huge range of other characters and stories had a huge influence on Rogue Trader. The humour and anarchic irreverence has always been more attractive to me than DC or Marvel. So here is a wiki link so that if you are unaware of who the Strontium Dogs are you can catch up. 
And here's another one for Nemesis the Warlock just cos he's awesome!

Anyway enough of teaching octogenarians to suck ovoids. 

The pirate captain is based on an Artizan Designs WW2 SAS officer. Very simple conversion really. He's had his Head swapped for a maxmini ash Junkers one.
I swapped his Thompson gun for a plasma pistol with a targetter and sculpted a vest/jacket with a zipper and neck scarf. I also found a bit of hair in the bits box and figured I'd give him a pony tail (partly in homage to the guy and alien 3 who keeps a single dread despite the prison planets lice and partly to make him look less like an Orlock!) 

As you can see from the back I kept the stock of the original gun as I figured the plasma pistol was big enough to warrant it! I haven't done anything with his base yet as I want to do the whole crew together and I want to wait to see if we get an idea of the kind of board we'll be playing on. I figured he might double as a human advisor for my Orks at a later date so I painted a reminder to his green skinned allies in his back!

The rest of the lads got a bit of work done as well. I hadn't realised but I've picked a particularly hirsute bunch. 5 of them have tache's! I do believe I have a bunch of mo bro's for pirates! 

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  1. Wow! All this looks simply amazing! I love the vibe of it and the atmospherical essence! Love it!


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