Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The fate of Felderberg

I think I've been focusing on Rogue Trader a lot recently and my collected hordes of oldhammer fantasy figs have been neglected. To resolve this problem I want to combine getting the Netherport watch / 'How do you start Oldhammer' project finished with something that'll get my goblinoid army started. So I figured I'd create a scenario with a view to getting the figures painted and being able to play a decent game with my mates.
What I want to do is figure out what one force will consist of and then I can figure out how much I want to paint for the opposing force, using Warhammer Armies as a guide for points.

I'm going to use the Netherport watch as the basis for one force and then add to it.
I've already got a crossbow unit ready.
I just need to undercoat them and get them painted. I've got another bunch of Heroquest men at arms that I'm going to use for another watch unit, The Cowgate watch.
After that I'll add the Lead Adventure figures as some mercenaries
and I want to get a box of the current Empire Archers,
mostly cos I want their heads but also as they are quite nice figures. So that'll give me 5 units of 10 figs. I'll add in a couple of heroes and It'll be a nice little force. I want to add a couple of mounted units as well, maybe some Knights and some mounted crossbow but these might wait a bit. Maybe add them in a second scenario.

So the empire force would look like this...
Felderberg watch
10 Helblitzen (halberdiers)- 90
10 Helblitzen - 90
10 Ambrustschutzen (crossbow) - 100
10 Ambrustschutzen - 100
10 Bergjaeger (archers) - 130

Level 5 Hero - 30
Level 10 Hero - 55
Level 15 Hero - 80
Level 10 Wizard - 85

Plus some kit for the heroes will bring me up to about 800points (not that i'm that bothered by points costs but it's a nice guide)

Up against the valiant forces of Felderberg are going to be a mixed force of goblinoids. I've got 10 black orcs painted but I want to use this as an excuse to get my other units started. So I'll probably do a couple of units of 10 half orcs
and the same again of Hobgoblins.
I've got my eye on some of the oldschool Placcy gobbos from the Regiments boxset as well to round of the force. I also want to have an evil mastermind to lead the hordes and someone that I can build a background on.

10 Black orcs - 100
10 half orcs - 80
10 half orcs - 80
10 Hobgoblins - 80
10 Hobgoblins - 80
10 Gobbo Stickas - 35
10 Gobbo Stickas - 35

Half orc hero - 30
Hobgoblin hero -30
Black orc hero - 42
(all level 5)
Chaos Wizard - 155

Again, some kit for the heroes will bring me up to around 800 points.

Another part of this project will be a suitable place for this scenario to take place.
I left my green gaming mat at Neils so that we could use it next time we have a game at his (but also so that I didn't have to carry it on the plane!) so I'm in need of a new gaming surface at home. I'm going to try and make my own gaming mat (actually mats, as I'm going to do a scifi one as well!) using cotton/calico sheet and acrylic sealant plus paint plus sand after seeing the example here Expect a post about this in the future. I also want to get some more buildings and sort out scatter terrain for both mats. I've got all the bits and bobs, I just need project time to sit down and do it! I've got a bit of spare time at work on Tuesday so I might be able to get the basics of both mats down then which means a visit to the DIY store this weekend. How exciting!

As far as the scenario is concerned I want it to lead on to a campaign of some sort but I also want it to be nice and fun and with enough meat in it to allow it to be replayed with different results (and different mates if one of them doesn't turn up the first time!)

I think for a first game a raid on a small, outlying farmstead would be a good place to start. The archers have been shadowing the goblinoid force and they have alerted the local forces. One of the watch units have stationed themselves in amongst the buildings and the archers are hiding close by in some woods. The evil mob are heading towards the farmstead intent on burning it to the ground and eating everything in sight. The rest of the empire force are hurrying up the road from the opposite direction in attempt to save the precious harvest and the villagers homes.
So the greenies are trying to burn the fields and loot the buildings before burning them. Each of the heroes will be in charge of the burny stuff (can't trust the boys with fire!) and there'll be some bits of loot in the buildings that the greenies will need to get off the table edge. The watch will be trying to save the property as well as giving the evil weirdo's as much if a bloody nose as possible without endangering their own troops too much. 


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