Friday, 28 March 2014

Resuming normal service

One of the things that is most motivating for me is a deadline. If I know something has to be done by a certain time of date the it'll get done. I quite like it like that. So if a deadline appears in my 'hobby life' then it tends to be the thing that I concentrate on. Mini's will jump ahead in the painting queue and stuff will get done. I've tried giving myself deadlines but I'm a slack boss and they don't normally work too well. The best hobby deadlines are impending games. They always get me back to painting and I work out in my head how to get things finished in a set period of time and the standard I'll accept from myself in order to get it done on time. So with this in mind I've got a couple of deadlines looming that have appeared over the last couple of days.

First of all I've been invited by antipixi and Rab to go and play some games of Warhammer 3rd using chaos warbands. I've got loads of chaos figures sitting about but up until now have never actually gotten around to painting any. When anitpixi invited me I dragged out my copy of Slaves to Darkness and rolled up a quick warband.

For my champion I rolled a Level 5 Human, he gets Chaos Armour and the Frenzy and Bestial Face. I reckon I'll use the champion I've got painted to save me some time and effort (and also I really like him!)

I get two rolls on the retinue table so for my first one I roll D4 minotaurs which sounds great until I roll a 1. Ah well, one minotaur is better than none. The second roll gives me 2D6 Beastmen. Another quick roll gives me 6.

Not a bad little start for a warband. I've already got some beastmen and a minotaur undercoated but I'm not really happy with the colours. 

I was experimenting with different coloured sprays but everytime I pick the figures up to do something with them I feel like I'm not sure where to start with them. I know where I am with a good old black undercoat so they are going back in the dip tomorrow and I'm starting from scratch.

As there are only 7 figures to paint I'm going to do one a night till they are done. Updates to follow.

The second deadline is Salute. I've been going pretty solidly for the last 5 or 6 years and really enjoy  it and have been queuing up in the morning like a good nerd but this year I thought I'd just wander along a bit later and take my time to enjoy it. Last week my good chum Neil (who I played against last month) phoned and told me he was coming down to wave his girlfriend off on holiday and asked if i'd be around. It so transpired that he's going to meet me at the Excel centre and he's going to have his first ever experience of Salute. This means that we can wander around and play games and buy loads of tat and then repair back to mine for a follow up game to Nittin.

This means that I have to paint the figures that we rolled up to bolster Vlag Half-irons warband. This amounts to the addition of another traitor guardsmen figure (although three didn't survive the post game rolls he received another 4 in reinforcements!) and he also managed to attract 11 (yes 11!) cultists to his warband. Originally we rolled that they would be Beaked, Hairy and Moronic! However after having had a rake through the available figures I thought we'd use these guys that I had sitting about waiting to be painted.

 They are already on round bases and I have 9 made up so only need to make up a couple more. the robes and flesh should make them reasonably easy to get done. They will be from a medieval world that Vlag has recently visited and he saw great potential in their blood-thirsty worship of one of Khorne's many facets. They will just be armed with close-combat weapons as I can't find weapons listings in RoC. I reckon they'll do for blood thirsty speed bumps. Updates soon!


  1. Excellent! Looking forward to rolling some dice with you :)

    1. Actually, it would be cool if one of your new snazzy gaming mats made it with you as well...

    2. I'll tell you what. I'll bring them both!

    3. Looking forward to playing!

      Rab suggested you have an extra reward (as a catch up bonus) this would mean that you can give one to your followers too!

      Sooo looking forward to a day of dice!

    4. Ok I rolled Chaos hounds but I don't have 8 models (being khorne) so i'll just roll D6.......I got 3.
      3 chaos hounds sound ok?

    5. Sounds like a good start to a Khorne warband to me! ;-)

    6. Yep, sounds good to me. It'll add something to have faster models in the games as well.

  2. I'm really keen to get going with RoC warbands. Hope you'll have a chance to fight my lot too - that way I'll feel motivated to finish painting them up!

    1. We'll get it together soon, just need to get dates and venues sorted. Where abouts are you based again?


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