Sunday, 20 October 2013

Vulture warriors from dimension X meet plenty of cheerful stagonaughts with orks

I'm getting married.

In just over under a fortnight I'll be hitched to my lovely and understanding other half.

But before the happy day I have a stag do to contend with.

Simple plan. Friday after school I'm driving to Edinburgh (after all these years i still want to say back home to Edinburgh or should that Embra?) and staying with my best mate /man and then on saturday going out boozing in all the pubs that we used to go to as teens (I distinctly remember being served in some of these bars at 15). Of course all of these pubs have been gentrified since (apart from the Pear Tree which never seems to change) so it should be a day of banter and booze with the occasional meal thrown in. Nothing outrageous (I think).

Apart from this I bought the new version of chaos Marauders to play on the friday night

And I've been putting together a rogue trader game to play while we nurse hangovers on Sunday. I've based it around the paranoia / 40K scenario that was published in White Dwarf 112 'Vulture warriors from dimension x meet plenty of cheerful orks with plasma cannons'. I'm just going to use a bunch of my more modern orks (as I haven't had time to paint my RT ones yet!) and I've put together the following bunch of loyal citizens.
To be led by this adventurer/ psyker and the blu level troopers
The figures are the old plastic imperial guard with some newer heads attached to give them some character.
I've yet to finish basing them and they've had a bit of a rush painting job but they'll do. It's about the game! Which, provided I remember to take photo's, I'll post a battle report of in the coming weeks.



  1. Cool, looking forward to that report. Have a great time on your wedding day, congratulations!

  2. Sounds like you'll have a great time! I was a student in Edinburgh from '98 till '03 and have very happy memories of Auld Reekie. The Peartree was a bit of a fixture for post-exam celebration/commiseration as well as the weekly quiz.

  3. Good job on finding someone which can deal with the lead habit :) Just don't give her an Ultramarine on the wedding day as ''something blue'' lol

    1. Ultramarine? Oh c'mon, let's have some class, gotta be a Crimson Fist........................

  4. Erny bought me that Marauders game and not yet tried it, let me know how it goes.


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