Monday, 28 October 2013

Stagathon - part 3

Still up in Edinburgh. I think my hangover may be nearly gone and I'm planning to wander back down the road to englandshire at some point today. Breakfast at the local cafe may be first on the cards though. 

We got our game of Rogue Trader last night. We had a great time and when I get home I'll do a proper battle report.

I thought I'd show some of the other goodies that I found while raking around in my best man's cupboards. 

A very well used copy if space hulk. Many, many hours were spent playing this game in our younger days. All the bits are there, we may have dig this out again in the future.

A copy of the Genestealer expansion that has never been touched. All the figures are still on the sprues! 

A land raider and a predator (might see if I can wangle these off him for my sons of Horus!)
A big box of dwarves! Including most of a regiment of bugmans, a regiment of the dragon company, a gyro copter and these ones that I reckon used to be mine (and definately are now!)

Plus the first 3 doctors that I have volunteered to paint for him.


  1. Very nice lot of goodies, that a Landraider is plastic gold :)

  2. Don't let him read the blog or he'll know how much they're worth!!!!

  3. What a score! Hey if you want to part with the pistol dwarf on the left, 2nd from the bottom, of the 2nd to last picture let me know....he has been avoiding me for months! to randomly rummage thru my friends cabinets in hopes of striking LEAD!


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