Sunday, 27 October 2013

Stagathon - part 2

After last nights 13 hour long drinking marathon I was amazed to find myself conscious never mind actually safely tucked up in my bed! Still all this partying has its cost and the 4 smelly and hungover men have spent the day thanking the inventors of Alka-selzer XS. 

But, huzzah! While mopeing about I found my mates stash of oldhammer goodies! 
A set of the old warhammer novels, I think I've read them all? 

WFRP campaign books all in cracking condition (mainly cos he never let me borrow them!) 

40k vehicle manual, I remember using this targeting system in games, it worked pretty well. 

And we are now lucid enough to be playing Chaos Marauders! We're on our fourth game or so and it's starting to get faster. It's only the two of us now but I can imagine that it'd be pretty loud and raucous with 4 folk playing! 

Hopefully a game of rogue trader after tea. I was going to GM but the other guys have had to go as something as disagreed with them (enough said!) 

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