Sunday, 20 October 2013

Little brown packages or why my postman hates me

Well, thanks to Snicket and Warlord Paul (whose blogs i will get links to if i ever figure out how) I actually have people reading my incoherent ramblings and people following the blog. Isn't that nice!

So the pressure is on to write something interesting and entertain the masses.

I thought I'd show off some of my latest ebay wins (silly name. it's not as if they are prizes! I worked all of 10 minutes or so for each of these!) To start off here are some of the Classic Bob Olley Black Orcs.
Bob Olley is one of these sculptors that people either love or hate. I remember not liking his work when I was a kid but I think I've grown to love his stuff. I've got 6 of his ogryns, almost the full set of space pirates (missing three!) and a mob of his madboys and I love them all!

The other package that my increasingly frustrated postie dropped off yesterday were these citadel Uruk-hai.

I know very little about these figs but I do remember a mate had the middle figure years ago and I always coveted it. I'm actually going to be controversial here and use them as hobgoblins in a unit that I'm building for my chaos army. This is the army that i've decided to start building for the muster at the oldhammer forum. It started out in my head as a straight forward chaos army but after buying the new version of Chaos Marauders (more of which later) it's looking like i'm going to have a load of greenskins messed in there as well. And to help me I just won a load of Kev Adams Harlequin/black tree orcs! Poor postie.


  1. That's some lovely lead you have there, that Uruk-Hai in the middle is an old favourite of mine too. As Erny once said, anyone who doesn't like Bob Olley sculpts has no soul!

  2. My brother actually got that deep??????

    I don't mind being a test opponent whilst you grow your 3rd Chaos Army dude. I should be free for gaming in a month or so.


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