Thursday, 3 October 2013


I'm back! I really am shit at this blogging thing aren't I? Since starting this blog my whole view of the wargaming life has slid into the world of old school gaming and this has led on to actually getting some games of 3rd edition Warhammer in. I will attempt to Blog more from now on. I promise.
At the first Official meeting of OGRE at cambridge I got the chance to pitch my bretonninans against Erny's Greenskin Horde. My first game of 3rd ed in 25 years!
So here is quick and completely inaccurate account of the death of Duc de Bonbon.
The orks sauntered onto the green fields of Bretonnia threatening the corn fields the peasants had toiled all year to maintain for the Duc's morning bread.

Goblins scurried to the flank

The grand army De Bonbon mustered across the valley with cavalry massed on the same flank as the gobbo (more of which in a mo!)

After some initial advances which included the bretonnian archers moving through the woods, a cannon killing a couple of orcs, a stone thrower crew charging a unit of smelly orc archers and the other stone thrower taking out the cannon crew with it's first shot the Knights de epee charged towards the nearest unit of Gobbos. Out flew the Fanatics!
Before the fanatics

After the fanatics

Lesson Learned!
The rest of my army advanced.

One unit got smacked by the stone thrower and ran like the cowards they obviously are. One of Erny's shamans decided to use windblast on another unit meaning that they couldn't advance and were over taken by the unit of rascals (my cheapest unit!) who now lead the advance. The Duc's unit of knights suffered from an attack of the fanatics as well and were severly reduced (to two!) and my which flew on her broomstick to the Orc line to drop a windblast on them only to be peppered by arrows from the orcs and dying a peasants death in a field! The knights de epee defeated the gobbo unit that they had charged and then beat a unit of wolf riders (helped by an ill judged challenge from the leader) but were then held in place by more farty shenanigans from the shaman.
My Duc's unit charged the goblins

and the peasants start to push back the orc unit they charged (Huzzah!) while the halberdiers next to them were pushed back by the orcs. The archers on the far flank were destroyed and the boar boys pursued to the wood edge where they got charged in the flank by a unit of spearman.
The Shamans smelly farts were used again to reduce all attacks to ineffectual meaning that the gobbos won against my duc by weight of numbers pushing the back long enough to be charged in the rear by the victorious unit of orks.

The orc leader challenged the duc

which he promptly lost due to the double damage from the Orc enchanted weapon which also meant that as the Duc fled he lost his last to wounds to the free hacks and at that the battles was at an end. No doubt one of the Duc's many brothers will be along soon to avenge him. Cheers to Erny for a great game. We'll have to organise another game soon.


  1. Good write up, we'll have to organise a game ourselves real soon!

  2. Wahey!! Comments! Yes more games soon please!


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