Saturday, 19 September 2009

the size of the problem

Well there it is. That's what I need to get painted in just over a month. Those of you expecting expert photography are going to be sorely disappointed. The army consists of 3 characters, 2 units of 20 knights, 2 units of 24 spearman, 1 unit of 24 brigands, 3 units of 10 crossbowmen, 2 cannons, 1 unit of skirmishers, 1 unit of mounted sergeants and one unit of 10 mounted knights. So far i've got one unit of spearman painted. The other spearman and the brigands are within a kick in the arse of being finished and the knights have been started. I still need to get some knights to complete the second unit. From this point on i'm keeping score. 117 figures to go.

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