Friday, 18 September 2009

Ooooh this is new!

This is what happens when you get bored at work, you end typing stuff that gets put onto t'interweb and in some kind of digital archeological dig, people in the real world might actulally read it. Nice.

First up. I'm a grown man. I play with and paint toy soldiers. I'm a geek. and reasonably proud of it. I've got an army to paint for a competion thing at the end of october and I figure this is a good way of motivating myself.

Also I just found one of my mates blogs and i'm a bit jealous.

Just for the curious I don't look weird, i'm not fat, i've got a good job, i'm married, got a child and I don't have a ponytail.

I am however Scots and hate football.

Pictures of stuff that i've done and stuff I found funny/interesting/weird/sexy to follow. If I rememeber to do any of this again.

Cheerio the noo

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