Friday, 18 September 2009

mad as a box of frogs

Now this is well worth watching.
Basically it's apprentice for creative types rather than business types. Phillippe Starck is a 'zany' french Alan Sugar for the next big theeng in EEEnglish design (see if you can identify which two of the tumshie's get voted off within the first 10 minutes).

Starck has always annoyed me. He talks a good game but never quite delivers. Listen to his designer of the people schtick and then look at some of the products he pumps out. (apparently the lemon squeezer is a bitch to use, the rubber pads on the feet fall off and scratch your expensive worktops and the acid in the lemon juice reacts badly with the finish on the aluminium)

just in the interest of balance here is something truly astounding that'll remind you what great institution the beeb actually is.
Don't listen if you are squeamish.
On second thoughts everybody should hear this. It's part of your duty as an adult to know about these things.

Toy soldiers and frivolity to follow, I promise.

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