Chaos Warriors - They coming!

Quick Chaosy update. More Chaos warriors painted for the 2nd unit of Warriors (at least in newish Warhammer money)

They are all late 80's figs and are a pleasure to paint. I'm going for a range of greens to represent Nurgly warriors.

Some of the back ranks of this unit will be made up of the warrior/marauder figs that I have left over from the first unit.

Which looks like this (rank by rank)




And front with a newly finished banner.

Also painted for this unit are a couple of the classic Chaos Champions with another two waiting in the wings.

And more piece of classic ironmongery is this Chaos chariot.

It originally had big old plastic horses but i replaced them with these chunky little Marauder chaos ponies. They are so cute!


  1. Very nice nice to these making a reappearance, wonderful stuff.

  2. Ohh, this is pure love. They look fantastic, I think you managed to bring them back in quite a personal style that totally suits them. Great job!

  3. Great work - the movement trays are a good idea.

  4. Thanks for the nice comments chaps, the reply to comment button appears to be broken these days or I'd reply individually!


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