Carthage for Ever (or at least for the Holidays!)


In a sudden fit of stupidity, I suddenly realised that my best mate was coming down to visit for a couple of days during the easter holidays and it would be an ideal opportunity to play some Punic Wars Infamy! Infamy!
He has a lovely Republican Roman army that he painted years ago. I have a massive Carthaginian army as well. trouble is It's not painted!

What I reckon I can get painted in the next week and a half

Now, Linz is a mate of may years (35+ I'd say) and these armies were purchased as many as 15 years ago (possibly more, my eldest has turned 16 this year and i'm pretty sure I had some of it around the time she was born). Up until this year, I had actually gotten round to painting any of it. In fact the whole army has been hiding in a shoe box in Linz's attic.

Libyan Spearmen sans Shields

Since I'm on a roll, painting wise, I figured I should take advantage and finally put together a force that will be able to fight his republican romans after all these years.

Last year I made and abortive start and painted up 30 Celtiberians and this week I've painted up two groups of Libyan Spearmen. So thats a small force done already. In the next 12 days or so I want to try and get the following done.

2 Groups of Iberian Scutari
1 Group of Iberian Caetrati
1 Group of Iberian Cavalry
1 Group of Slingers 
A couple of Leaders

I also want to see if I can get some scenery done (it'll just be rocky terrain, nothing too complex)

The Carthaginian Force so far.

Expect updates as I get more done!


  1. They look great! Looking forward to seeing them completed.



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