The Return of the Goths

At the end of the last club meeting, when I was resting on my laurels after my gargantuan effort to get the Maximilian game finished, someone (who shall remain ever nameless!) piped up "Can anyone put on a game of Infamy? I really want to play" And me being an enthusiastic puppy said in reply "Yeah, I will, no probs!" Of course this wasn't as straight forward at it seemed dear reader, as I had already agreed to run a game at 'Winter Wonder Lard' in Bristol and I figured that I could use the game at the club as a dry run. The thing is, I needed to do a whole new set of scenery for the game I was planning. Again, no probs, I had 2 weeks.

So what did I do?

Yup, I started painting more figures!

What seemed like I stupid distraction turned swiftly into a blessing as more volunteers to play soon piled onto the group message board meaning that these 20 Goths were going to be needed after all!

So with the hairy buggers done, it was time to get on with the main job. Building a wagon Laager for then to defend.
I must have seen Big Red Bat's Laager years ago and it popped into my head as an ideal scenario piece for an Infamy game. I'd started laser cutting some wagons back in decemeber but hadn't started putting them together. I also bought some from Warbases and Front Rank Gripping beast.

So sportingly caking my fingers in superglue gel, I set work bodging my fleet of wooden wagons together.

A bit of set dressing from Fogou Models for the jars and Parcels and from Renedra for the wicker fencing and I soon had a decent sized Laager. (yes I base my wagons!)

In addition to the Laager I wanted some ruins for the battlefield. These are fish tank ornaments. The doorways and stairs are a little below scale but once the pieces were glued down onto a base, stones added to connect sections and cork sheet used to add flagstones, they started to look the part.

Spray paint undercoats bring the whole thing together , then a mammoth drybushing session is used to get all the basic textures and colours onto the models.

I'd even bought some of the wailing women from Foundry to populate the Laager. Such great figures and even though I'm blatantly copying Big Red Bat it has to be done!

Flock and tufts were thrown about liberally after adding sand and Hey Presto we are pretty much done!

I've got a couple of bits to add to some of the wailing ladies to finish them off but that shouldn't take long. So tomorrow I'll try and remember how the game actually works!



  1. This is a wonderful project; everything from the figures to the terrain pieces.

  2. Hello,
    Excellent project !!! I like particulary the sceneries !!


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